Wednesday, December 31, 2014


New Year's Resolution 1: Discover how great I can feel when I choose to feed myself clean, organic, real food. 

Like purified warm water & lemon every morning to start me off alkalized (instead of acidic if I have coffee first thing); and an organic green smoothie for breakfast with essential brain and energy food to sustain me through the day, with healthy fats and protein- like hemp or home made almond milk or organic/local kefir, with added spinach, avocado or coconut oil, maca or spirulina super foods, along with low glycemic, organic, fresh fruit like berries, mangos and pears, and a nutrient dense green juice a day, with all organic, fresh pressed (not blended) produce, like celery, kale, parsley, lemon, ginger, apples or pineapple. 
And I'll make and eat great big salads topped with nuts and seeds and sprouts, with a calming, nourishing mushroom or herbal tea, and if I really want coffee, I'll do better by buying organic, fair trade coffee and add non GMO soy or nut milk & stevia or coconut nectar.  YES!

With a week or so of these choices my palette will be cleared of processed fast foods, and the taste of "frankenfood" products, and I'll WANT TO choose more fresh, close to nature options that I grow myself, or buy locally or in smaller markets (not big industry, big agriculture or big pharma controlled box store groceries).  YES!


Even if it means going from Worse choice, to Better and then Best choices... closer to nature is where I know humans feel better. I'll know because my body will tell me, by FEELING GOOD!
PASTURE RAISED, CLEAN FED (no gmo grains!) MEAT- only 30%-20% of a meal (or wild)
ORGANIC ANCIENT GRAINS, SPROUTED or GLUTEN FREE: Quinoa, Buckwheat, Teff, Oats ... 30% of MEALS
and whole food, real sweetners (maple syrup, coconut nectar, honey, stevia) BASICALLY MAKE A RAINBOW of your plate, multi-colors and lots of variety MAKES A MEAL THAT HELPS HUMANS THRIVE! THRIVE, EAT WELL! FEEL GREAT!

ORGANIC REAL FOOD & NUTRITION EDUCATION & YOGA CLASSES with REBECCA at THE WELL are TUESDAYS 6-7:30 PM (Cleanse students come 5:00-6:00 PM for Wellness Sessions prior.) & WEDNESDAYS 6 -8:30 PM WORKSHOP:
Films, Healthy Snacks, Apps and Action, with Yoga and Meditation Intermissions. 
JAN. 7th showing of: Dirt! THE MOVIE. 6-8:30 PM. 

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION 2: To recognize how much more productive and present I am when I set a regular scheduled time each day, week and month to press the "reset" button, by connecting with nature, with walking or seated meditation, yoga or other forms of exercise and with a massage. YES! Food Matters. Nature Matters. I Matter. 

Thai massage with Rebecca at The Well.  90 minutes of lazy man's yoga, relaxation and release.
Cleanse students get one session including in their week. Sessions can be scheduled Tus.-Fri. and on weekend afternoons.
One 90 Minute Session: $90 with Hot Ginger Compresses and Heath Coaching: $125/120 minutes
3 Sessions: $87 each and 5 Sessions: $85 each and $30 for HG Compresses and Health Coaching.
Rebecca also teaches yoga at RIVER BEND ATHLETIC CLUB 316 River St. PEACE DALE, RI and offers her
HEALTH COACHING program to all members and to the general public, which includes her
SUNDAY 9:30-11 AM & FRIDAY 4:30-5:45 PM yoga classes.
ALL LEVELS. "INTENTIONAL YOGA" - Spiritually and Physically aligning asanas with purpose and thematic flow.
HAZARD ROCK Narragansett, RI Nature walks, yoga and meditation when nature beckons us to pay attention!

hOMnaturale's DeTox hOMe & Body: 5-7 Day Cleanse  

&  Whole System Reboot is here to support your 2015 intentions.  Begin now. Begin again. Begin where you are. 

Contact me via email:  I will send you a health questionnaire, my hOMnaturale eBooks (cleansing regime, recipes, meal plans and meditations) and your own hOMe journal to account for your transformation.  

5-7 Day Nutrient Dense Winter DeTox Programs are designed to work with your individual health conditions, lifestyle preferences and family needs, and financial situation.  

 The cost covers most of the food you'll be eating through the week (always organic and local when in season) and a shopping list is available for you to have for further repeat purchases, as you recreate smoothie, salad, green juice and healthy whole food meals (including vegan, vegetarian or omnivore recipes; paleo, gluten/grain-free and always pro-biotic influenced). 

The eBooks and habits you acquire will help you through the rest of the season, and support is available for the rest of your year of resolve.  I want you to experience what it feels like to thrive on live, real foods and with a true connection to mother nature and your hOMe inside your heart. 

The DeTox hOMe and Body Cleanse & Wellness Weeks include organic whole food and the yoga and meditation, support and inspiration to keep you evolving, and transforming as you actualize your resolutions. 

$275-$375/week - includes a 90 minute Thai massage and 1:1 Health Coaching Session,  five yoga classes, and a week of organic green juices (3-4 days of juices I make for you!) and a week of super foods I purchase for you (or shop with me!) for you to make at hOMe meals consisting of real food (no supplements). 

The Winter Cleanse meals include: organic nutrient dense greens, and microgreens (sprouts) and essential whole food fats and proteins for your smoothies, salads and snacks that are all gluten/grain-free, dairy free and low glycemic. 
Organic bone broths are included, and available for non-vegan options; these easily assimilable vital nutrient dense broths are great to keep your micro-biome happy and your nervous and immune systems optimally healthy. 
AFTER CLEANSE ReBOOTS: $50-$75 for a two day cleanse of 6 green juices and 1:1 support with special options. 
CALL or TEXT or email NOW: My time is limited to work with only a few clients per week. 401-533-0116

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The secret to achieving your health goals is ... staying inspired!
Waking up to the sun each morning, to the opportunity to live in it's light and with it's life force energy, and to breathe in this miracle, inspires me to be grateful for the infinite intelligence and supreme consciousness, or God, that makes it so. "Waking up" to our ability to reflect or be one with God's ubiquitous presence within and throughout, before our thoughts, words, actions and worldly relations challenge this awareness, is a challenge.
Remembering that we are, I am, this miracle, is a practice in consciousness; to wake and be with this realization, uninterrupted by thoughts, of self-doubt, fear and discontent is a challenge. 
May we all keep reflecting the light and remembrance of such, even in darkness.
Namaste,  Rebecca    Winter Solstice 2015 
Sometimes when we forget, we can return to this intention with regular meditation practice, or with private or community yoga classes, with personal teachers or trainers, nutritional coaches, films, books, healthy friends and transformative programs that we participate in. 
Sometimes it just takes staying quiet each morning. 
Resolve to remember in 2015, and practice your resolution. 

IN SPIRADO in spirit
inspired by a conversation between Dr. Wayne Dwyer and Ester Hicks

"When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project,
then all of your thoughts break their bonds;
your mind transcends limitations; your consciousness expands in every direction
and you find yourself in a new and great, wonderful world.
Dormant forces, faculty and talents come alive;
and you discover yourself to be a far greater person than you've ever dreamt to be.
Discovering that You are the Divine, the "God" source energy of life itself."
~Patanjali, Yogic sage

When you wake in the morning, you are in the greatest potential of your true Divine Self,
undistracted by the busy chatter of the mind's to do lists and regrets.
Stay with it. Stay with the Divine. Acknowledge your consciousness of the supreme silence, the blissful calm, spaciousness of the mind.
Maintain  this focus with breath awareness; breathe into being while remaining one with this Divine Source Energy that is itself, Supreme Consciousness.

Supreme Consciousness has always been aware of whatever you are doing.
Source is always there, but when you know it (when you are not doing what takes you away from knowing this) then it is mastery of focus. Be it in the early morning calm or in the fleeting moments of blissful flow while in your own creativity.

"The morning breeze has secrets to tell you. Do not go back to sleep. DO not go back to sleep. Do not go back to sleep." ~ Rumi

And when in the midst of night you awaken....
What is it that awakens you?
Divine source. 'This is the time. There is no distraction. Listen.'

That's the important conversation... to listen. The momentum of your thought has stopped after a long night's sleep, so there is no contradictory force to make you not listen. Conscious awareness of that high frequency vibration of infinite intelligence itself can remain or be revisited with an immediate morning meditation. Set your timer for 20 minutes, no judgement, no distractions. With silence and stillness, with awareness of the grace of the divine bliss in spacious freedom, do not chase or attach yourself to thought.

When thought arises, let it go into the abyss.
17 seconds after a held thought, the law of attraction brings another thought to you. And 17 seconds after that, another thought comes, and another, and another... every 17 seconds... until at 68 seconds you have lost that supreme consciousness.

Instead of clear space that is potentially there for you to find. you think instead about your dilemmas,
and within 17 seconds more thoughts will join it. Until 68 second mark. You then have lost your window with alignment with source.

You can always begin again tomorrow. It's easier in the am. Or find your bliss throughout the day.

Law of Attraction is the vibrational engine that manages everything. There is momentum in thought.
If you think a thought long enough it becomes a belief. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.
When you first awaken those beliefs are quiet enough that you can find a fresh one. One that is your true self. So you can tap into the source.

I'd like to keep you inspired on a regular basis...
with an inspirational quote or affirmation each week SUBSCRIBE HERE to MY BLOG.
Tue. 6 PM/ Wed. 6 PM/ Fri. 4:30 PM or SUN 9:30 AM
to build upon your regular practices or to add meditation and movement into your life each day.
Take part in a Health Coaching Session to reboot your intentions for a healthier life and for more fulfilling consciousness raising, personal habits.
Enjoy an inspirational film screening with a little yoga, good food and healthy discussion.

Get inspired. Stay inspired. and take advantage of that spacious silence when in SPIRADO. 

Merry Christmas

Natural hOMe to yours... 

what i wish for you i wish for everyone including myself
to be free from struggle and full of grace
to feel your fortune is in just being alive
at this time 
 and to recognize that LOVE and the opportunity 
to love more is ... everywhere
in every thought, word and action we create. 
Love resides in the hOMe in our hearts. It naturally feels better than fear. 
Fear is a fight with love... it's a mental struggle with joy, pleasure, contentment, productivity, offerings, compassion. and love itself.  
Fear wastes energy that can be
 used to create more love in our hOMes. 
Namaste and Merry Christmas! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Perhaps SUPPORT in these areas is the number one TO DO on your list this season.  If so, read on...

ORGANIC FRESH GREENS and LOW GLYCEMIC FRUITS with a seasonal splash of what's ripe and ready for nourishing the body this time of year, like red or black organic grapes, pomegranates and persimmons...  sounds good and clean, and is just that. So get it on, and get it in your body! 


with a hOMnaturale Seasonal DeTox hOMe and Body Cleanse you'll nourish and replenish while resting the digestive system with allergen-free, pre and pro-biotic foods and cortisol lowering practices like daily journal writing, meditation and yoga, plus a long Thai massage at week's end. 

for an easy, compassionate transformative experience that provides for your individual health needs and empowers the long lasting lifestyle changes that make every meal, snack or moment matter.                                                                                                                 
$375 for 7 DAY PLAN: includes Thai Yoga Massage & 5 Yoga Classes, with 4 Days of Organic Green Juices made for you fresh daily (to pick up before/after your health coaching and yoga and meditation sessions) plus 4 Days of Super Foods (organic kale, arugula, fresh coconuts, avocados, nut and seeds (almond, pumpkin, chia, hemp, flax, sesame) and their milks and butters; plus cacao and maca powders, nutritional yeast, goji berries, raspberries and more!) for you to make at-hOMe Smoothies, Soups and Salads with recipe eBooks, Shopping Lists and meal plans.   
$300 for 5 DAY PLAN: includes 3 days of Super Foods, 3 days of Green Juices and 3 Yoga Classes and a 60 minute Health Coaching Session with Rebecca, which can include a pantry/fridge check-in and make-over, food prep and meal making (learn how to make your own sauerkraut or how to juice with ease and speed) or simply be coached in a "worse-better-best" snack or meal planning session with shopping lists or a trip to your market (with saving money and optimizing your health as your number one priorities).  
SIGN UP NOW AND RECEIVE hOMnaturale's Green Smoothie and Green Juice EBOOKS free!  / 401-533-0116  

Do you want a fresh start for 2015? 

Do you want to free yourself from proton pump inhibiting drugs, cholesterol lowering statins, anti-inflammatory medications or anti-depressants with all of their side effects and  bottle after bottle dependency?

 If so hOMnaturale's Detox hOMe and Body Seasonal Cleansing Support System is the gut replenishing,  immune and nervous system rebuilding program for you to naturally bring your body back to functioning as NATURE intended. 



Come hOMe to your true self.  


Watch as your physical, physiological, and spiritual body transforms from TUESDAY evening when we meet and discuss the week and begin to fill your pantry and fridge with better/best choices like  SUPER FOOD SNACKS, SALADS and SMOOTHIE INGREDIENTS  to the SUNDAY morning following, which begins your fourth day of green juicing and easeful, new habits like yoga and meditation; practices that you'll come to rely on which can take you through to the new you by the following TUESDAY as you...

  1. Wake with a smile and consider three things you appreciate from new beginnings to everything you love and why.                                                                                         
  2. Turn on the tea kettle, squeeze an organic lemon in warm water and sip some natural sunshine that alkalizes your blood and sets your metabolism for cell rejuvenation.                                                                                                                  
  3. Wrap a shawl around your shoulders and create a mudra with your hands, and repeat a mantra with your throat, and meditate on your hOMe in your heart.  Then settle in to the good vibrations led by the pulsing sound of your breath.                                                     
  4. Positively make plans for your day with just three goals in mind. Go easy on your self and stay motivated to love and be love.                                                                  
  5. Take a brisk walk as part of a regular sadhana (spiritual) practice, or create the time in your schedule for yoga, Thai chi or whatever "moves" you and offers time for you to reflect and listen to your intuition, instead of Do.                                          
  6.  Drink 16-24 ounces of purified water or coconut water daily, to help your kidneys and liver cleanse toxins from your body, and replenish cellular fluids.                                                                                                                 
  7. Nourish your cells daily with a super-food green smoothie or fresh organic nutrient dense green juice, chewing slowly, letting the life force enzymes swirl.                                                                                                   
  8. Eliminate your-worse food choices by planning ahead and choosing your "better-best" foods for daily snacks and meals that meet your physiological needs and level your emotional states. Ground anxiousness with a dark arugula and broccoli micro-green salad topped with avocado and lemon juice, with pumpkin and chia seeds sprinkled on top. Go to a warming, seasonal root-veggie medley from hOMnaturale's SOUPer BROTH BOWLS instead of a gut-wrenching, sugar craving inducer, like cereal and milk (worse choice) or a panini chicken cheese sandwich, with cookies or a pastry (another worse choice with all worse choice white ingredients: sugar, flour and dairy).  Go with colorful, real foods.                 You are what you eat!                                                                                                                                                  
  9. Watch your self go from worse, better, best practices as you make positive choices like meditating or taking a walk when stressed (for 10-20 min) instead of 10-15 minutes of no-intent internet usage (worse choice).                                        
  10. And instead of a worse choice practice of filling your cart with packaged foods from a super chain store with rows upon rows of processed fake food and industrial agriculture crops -primarily food stuff laden with GM sugar, corn, soy and wheat products, harvest food from your own planting, or shop in a small community market to support local economies and sustainable practices, buying REAL food, like locally grown and/or ORGANIC KALE, CAULIFLOWER or STRING BEANS and CARROTS with a tahini butter and miso green dressing and a juicy side of a fermented condiments like hOMe-made sauerkraut or miso soup, and then sit down with family and friends, or by your well deserving self, at a beautiful place setting, and be grateful for the food that nourishes you and the life-force and flavors from the earth that are your God given right.                                                                                                                            
  11. Enjoy LOW-GLYCEMIC, SEASONAL FRUIT like autumn's organic raspberries, black grapes, persimmons or pomegranate straight up or with a cultured, organic plain kefir/yogurt or a non-dairy nut milk pudding with coconut meat, cacao, maca or other nourishing whole-super-foods that are anti-inflammatory and blood sugar balancing.                                                                                
  12. Wind down your day sipping a decaf TURMERIC JAMU or Yogi Tea as you DRY BRUSH your body and run a LAVENDER EPSOM SALT BATH; READ and LISTEN to music that soothes. Enjoy an Email and Internet free last hour before bed; write in your journal to bring reflection back to the hOMe you've been nourishing in the heart all day, and lights off by ten. MMM Good. 
You become what you repeatedly do." ~ Aristotle
Practice naturally healthy choices, and become naturally healthy.
 Rebecca J. Briggs, RYT, CN, friend   /  401-533-0116 text or call to schedule
your  DeTox hOMe and Body Green Juice and Yoga Wellness Week now.  

Friday, September 5, 2014

DeTox hOMe & Body: 7 Days of Yoga, Meditation and Organic Green Juice Cleansing with Rebecca Briggs, RYT, CN of hOMnaturale

A Seasonal Transformation of Self, starts here. 

Detox hOMe & Body: 7 Day Organic, Green Juice Cleanse, with Daily Yoga & Meditation, Thai Massage and 1:1 Health Coaching 

Reboot for fall by releasing what no longer serves you, restoring what needs TLC and rest, and revitalizing what needs uplifting attention, self nurturing and organic, whole food nutrients. 
AM akalining starter of purified Water with Lemon (with mint here) / Days 1-2 and 6-7 : Organic Green Smoothies and nutrient dense healthy snacks with all vegan ingredients, including protein rich, essential fatty acid enhanced super foods, like chia seeds, coconut water, maca or cacao powder, with organic, local kale, spinach and organic apples, pears  and cucumbers/ Days 2-6: Organic Green Juices, 3 per day with celery &/or cucumber bases, kale, spinach, arugula or other great leafy nutrient dense staples and delicious
low-glycemic, organic, fresh fruit & phyto-nutrient high herbs
PM Relaxing Herbal Teas or veggie broths to warm and soothe the nervous and digestive systems.


Program includes (for the first few days in, and last few days out of cleanse): 3 whole Thai young coconuts and smoothie and salad Super Foods (like kale, arugula, broccoli and radish  microgreens, cacao, maca, kava, hemp, chia, flax, goji, turmeric, sauerkraut, miso, nutritional yeast, and everything coconut); plus you'll receive 15 green juices for Wed. pm., Thur., Fri., Sat., & Sun ( 3/day of 14 oz drinks). At least ONE of the four liquid green juice days is to be completely liquid (no SOS green snack foods...), though you can liquid fast 1-4 days if desire.
  Juicing produce is all Certified Organic, or ecologically grown by local farmers. 
The $125 goes directly to Rebecca for her 1:1 Health Coaching, 90 min Thai massage, up to 5 yoga and meditation classes, and her 4 hOMnaturale  Ebooks you'll receive with Detox Info. & Inspiration,  Organic Green Juice & Smoothie Recipes, Meal Plans & Shopping Lists, and Mantras and Meditations for daily practice. 
 or  PLAN B) PICK-UP A BOX of all the ORGANIC PRODUCE you'll need for at-hOMe JUICING: $175 (also includes super foods for salads and smoothies). + $150 to Rebecca for Wellness Sessions. $175+$150 = $325

--You'll receive your first sampling of green juice and smoothie Super Foods with a Detox Discussion and Demo on Tuesday @ 5 PM, followed by a yoga and meditation class 6:00-7:30 PM. I'll cue you in on how to eat lightly over the first few days and give you a shopping bag of Super Foods and non-dairy protein rich milks (nut & seed milks and butters) to add to your hOMe made smoothies (you need to own a blender). For the first few days you eat as close to an unprocessed, whole, vegan diet as possible, mainly raw foods (salads, snacks and smoothies) with warm teas and veggie broth.
This will help you begin the liquid cleanse on Thursday with 3 nutrient-dense, organic, veggie and low glycemic fruit green-juices (like IVs of everything your cells are begging for).

JUICES rest your digestion which is key, and they are different (like apples and organges) from SMOOTHIES which are still keeping your GI tract busy. Both are good, and have specific purposes. Smoothies are great meals, containing nutrient dense proteins (like nut butters and spirulina) and good fat sources (like avocado and coconut "meat", flax, chia or hemp seeds). Smoothies contain super fruits like berries, and fruits that are smooth and creamy like bananas, avocados, mangos or peaches (as opposed to juicy citrus). Both green smoothies and green juices contain a blast of abundant vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients that your body needs to function efficiently and optimally, but juicing does so without the work of your digestive tract. Juicing allows your body to rest without processing the fiber of smoothies and solid foods, all while it revitalizes every cell and tissue, from the gut to the brain. The last two days of the cleanse eases you into solids again with micro-greens,  raw salads, and smoothies, miso soup and other broths and raw, plant based snacks.


  • DAYS Intro. & 1: Tuesday and Wednesday nights @ The Well (365 Main Street) 5-6 PM Discussion with 6-7:30 PM Meditation and Yoga Class
  • Receive demo and samplings of green juice and green smoothies, plus DeTox hOMe and Body eBook with schedule and information, meal plans, recipes and super foods for adding to your at-hOMe smoothies, plus a juicing shopping list to check off what you want, pending any food allergies or health concerns you may have.) 
  • DAY 2: No Session Thursday. Juice at hOMe and get outside and exercise, journal and breathe.
  • DAY 3: Friday @ River Bend (316 Columbia Street Peace Dale) 4-4:30 Meet with Yoga and Meditation Class 4:30-5:45 PM
  • No meeting Saturday, make appointments for your Thai massage and health coaching sessions. Make at hOMe smoothies with recipes and super foods given.
  • You need to have a high speed blender, nutribullet or food processor for smoothies. If you want to pick up the organic produce boxes and make the Green Juices at hOMe you will need a juicer (masticating, like a Champion or centrifugal, like a Breville, Jack Alane, or Acme). 
  • DAY 5: Sunday  @ River Bend Athletic Club  (9:00 AM - 9:30 Discussion & 9:30-10:45 Yoga) 
  • Receive a green juice and DeTox Cleanse & Healthy Habits Discussion
  • Pickup 2.5 days of organic green juices or organic produce boxes for 3 days of juicing 
  • DAY 6: No Session Monday (Drink or make your juices; schedule your Thai massage session!)
  • DAY 7: Tuesday  @ The Well, 365 Main St. Wakefield, upstairs Rm D                   (5:00-6:00 Discussion 6-7:15 Yoga) 
  • Discuss DeTox and closure with saurkraut and other probiotic foods and meal plans
GET ONE 60 MINUTE 1:1 Health Coaching Session with Rebecca at The Well, or at your hOMe, schedule with me as soon as can (can be within two week time zone).
GET ONE 90 MINUTE restorative, full-body Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage @ The Well with Rebecca.
PLUS receive additional support, via inspirational and informational reminders, emails, links, and phone and text time with me that you may personally need.
Sessions with Rebecca are regularly $90/90 min. session, and are far less as a part of
Rebecca's hOMnaturale  DeTox hOMe & Body fee of $150 for Ebooks & sessions

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Last few days of LEO ride the Lion with courage

Happy last few days of Leo! The sun moves into Virgo on August 23rd and I'm ready for more of the grounded energy that comes with autumn. It's been a ferocious, firey, transformative July and August for me, and I feel like I haven't gotten off of Durga's lion. Trying to be courageous with as much grace as I can muster, I've been listening to my heart and soul, and to the friends I trust closest to me, and while trying to stay centered and strong in my core, I've been facing many of the deep changes that I've needed to make in my relationships with people, place, money and self. 

Actually making the changes necessary for my well being have been a long time coming and are emotionally difficult to make, so like I teach, I'm going step by step, even when I loose my cool due to the heart breaking, frustrating circumstances I've drawn toward me. It's been a summer of  revealing to heal and now it's time to release and transform. I can't get off the lion yet, and I'm hoping that the Virgin path which arrives with the sun's movement into Virgo on Saturday, August 23rd, will help to realign me with healthier relationships, structure and environment.

In the mean time, I am diligently working on my soon to launch hOMnaturale website and Organic Whole Food, Green Juicing and Nutrition and Yoga Wellness Ebooks so please stay tuned. I'll be extending my Ebook and Ecourse offerings ongoing, starting in the fall, beginning with my next DETOX hOMe and BODY program, which is an at-hOMe and at The Well, cleanse and yoga and meditation 7 day retreat, September 23-30th. It includes Organic Green Juicing, Yoga, Meditation and Thai Massage sessions. 

Also in October, from the 18-27th is another wellness opportunity, The annual OBX (Outer Banks, NC) SRV (Sexy Raw Vegan) Green Juice and Fitness Retreat. 
I'll be teaching yoga and meditation there again, and loving the beaches and wild horses while helping others and myself in this amazingly serene environment. 

  I also want to blog/share about the "Mythic Yoga Flow" series of classes I've been teaching all summer long at The Well in Wakefield. Well LLC (The Well is located near the Alternative Food Cooperative, above Dove n' Distaff, which is across from Kenyon Avenue).
These original yoga classes start with story and include asana flow and instruction, mantra and meditation.  I also teach the "Mythic Yoga Flow" classes at the beautiful outdoor classroom in Wakefield on the Saugatucket River, called The Sari Sanctuary. Please try to get your bootie out of bed for this beautiful meditative morning class before it gets to chilly. It starts at 7 AM and the sun shines bright as we salute it and rest in svanasana by 8:05. 
Sari Sanctuary on the Saugatucket River, Main St/High St. Wakefield, RI 
The Well LLC Cooperative, 365 Main St. Downtown Wakefield, RI
Above Dove n' Distaff, Room D, across from Kenyon Avenue

  Inspired by one of my one favorite yoga teachers, the ever bright light herself, Sianna Sherman, I've gathered many of the classic Indian tales and created my own classes to teach the lessons held within. There's stilll two more weeks of summer, and five more "Mythic Yoga Flow" classes you could make: Wednesday, Aug. 20 6-7 PM at The Well, and Tuesday's Sari Sanctuary class at 7 AM and my Tuesday, Aug. 26ths classes at The Well, held at 9:30 AM and 6 PM plus Wednesday Aug. 26th's Well session at 6.

 ~ Drink from The Well Within ~   
"Mythic Yoga Stories, Asana, Mantra and Meditation"
Quench your thirst for spiritual connection with inspirational stories, yoga and meditation. You'll be taught asanas (poses) with a purposeful intent and clear bio-mechanical alignment, so to keep your breath and inner essence flowing with awareness and ease.
The stories I'll share are from the Indian deities, sages and mythic warrior heroes that invoke wisdom and fresh incite into matters of both personal and worldly concern.  Yoga stories are equalizers, and remind us how we are all emotional beings on the path of life.

Yoga lore offers an invitation to go deep inside and through the many characters we can make connections with our own lives and become more aware of the teachings that are often less conspicuous, whether in our livee s or within the building and residing of each pose.
Knowing the stories behind your asana and mantra meditation practice adds purpose to each pose, and helps us align our attitude with the actions and benefits we receive while sitting in these "seats of our soul".

I'll share the stories of the goddesses Parvrti (Shakti), Durga, Sarswati, Kali and  Lakshmi, and the gods and sages, Shiva, Ganesha, Hanuman, Ashtavakra and Matsyendra. I'll instruct and assist while we practice seated poses like Laksmi's padmasana (lotus pose) and matsyendrasana (lord of the fishes seated twist), standing poses like natarajasana (king dancer) and eka pada hanumanasana (one legged standing splits dedicated to Hanuman, the monkey god) and arm balancing poses like astavakrasana (8 crooked limb pose).  Also, related to each story, we'll use mudras (hand positions) and chant mantras (mind-tools that are positive repetitions of vibratory sound) while we steady our circuitous ego mind,s and attune our intentions towards actualizing the transformation within the lessons taught through meditation and listening deep within. 

All levels welcome
Rebecca @ The Well classes are $5-$20 Pay what you can, when you can and good things will come. The currency flow goes to Rebecca for her teachings & to The Well, LLC & to Sari's Sanctuary and the Sari Fund which donates money to The Tomorrow Fund for families dealing with the financial and emotional hardships of  for when I teach outside at the River.

365 Main St Rm D (above Dove n' Distaff, next to Coop)
Sessions available for private Health Coaching (Detox Support, whole food nutrition & natural wellness practices), YogaMeditation & Thai Massage, $90/90 minutes

PACKAGE OFFERINGS: 8 Sessions $80/each (must book and stick to); 5 Sessions $85 each and 3 Sessions $87 each. Please call 24 hours in advance of cancellation and reschedule within week. Big Thanks! I schedule all day Tuesdays, or through out week when available.
Tuesdays between 11 AM -5:30 PM. Call or Text: 533-0116

DETOX hOMe & BODY   - a Tuesday to Tuesday Transformation: reclaim your soul, loose unwanted weight, gain incite and practice healthy habits
Two Weeks of Green Juicing, Nutrition, Fitness,
Yoga, Meditation & Thai Massage
Session 1: August 19-26 (closed)
Session 2: September 23-30 Tuesday to Tuesday

OCTOBER 12-18, 2014
Green Juice Cleanse, Yoga, Meditation & Beach Fitness
with Sexy Raw Vegan Crew

Goddess Retreat -- Hermosa, Costa Rica
Jan. 27-Feb. 2, 2014 (Was great fun, check out our photos!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Don't wait
any longer,
Into the ocean
and let the Sea Be You.
~ Rumi.

There are love stories
And there is obliteration into love,
You are walking the ocean shore
Holding up your robes to keep them dry,
You must dive, naked and under
Under a thousand times deeper.
Loves floats down,
And the earth submits to the sky.
And suffers what comes.
Tell me,
Does it fair any less for giving in like that?

Oh to dive deep, and listen... to the weight of heavy emotions, heart ache and pain, sorrow and fight,
Dense darkness in the thick solitude of the ocean bottom.
Oh to let go and trust that all will be okay.
To release into the Sea and let be.
To kick free and rise to the surface sunlight, and rework this pain of plans not furthered, of dreams not fulfilled.
Oh to forgive and release what can not be held any longer
or I'll drown, die alone in darkness.
To reveal and accept - and let go from my feet.
To rise above the surf and wash ashore in a spray of potential.
A remembrance of this exuberant, yet raw, rocky journey,
Seals on my skin as sticky, taut, salt.

Will we be okay?
Will I paddle back out, and again ride these waves,
Will I feel the spray on my way to my sun baked blanket of security and protection,
Or will I continue to punish and harm myself and others in the tumultuous ocean of all the hard rocky parts of who I am, and of who we are?
Lessons not heeded.
Battered and bruised. Do we continue to suffer what comes?

What do I have to do, to heed and move forward while being so afraid?
Can I do what I know I need to do, can I surf and survive, say sorry and die?
Listening inside for the response to my screaming prayers?
Answers of open-hearted freedom rise from the dark bottom of this ocean
Releasing from the stiff and cold fears are broken trust, dishonored requests,
Ravished bonds of intimacy and truthfulness.

Can we DIVE into the ocean, and let the Sea teach us how to just be?
How to accept and sizzle in the foamy wakes of romance,
Love that turns again and again into its frothy, fierce consequences.
Having been lived, shared and expressed isn't love worth it?
I say yes, in spite of it being an endless wave of imperfection,
Costa Rican twilight ride
Hazard Rock, Narragansett, RI
Hard to ride and hold on to.
Do we rejoice in living in love,
and then suffer in it's dying?
Can we let the ocean take us?
Will it be any easier?
I say Dive.
Into the ocean.
And "I'm sorry" will make the Sea be me.
Surrender to forgiveness.
We can not all surf a perfect wave.
Lick the salt off my skin.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

NEW TUESDAY YOGA CLASSES: Mythic Yoga Story, Asana, Mantra and Meditation @The Well and Sari Sancturary

JOIN ME at THE WELL, LLC for YOGA and MEDITATION CLASSES, public or private. 
THE WELL, LLC is located in the heart of downtown Wakefield, RI, on Main Street across from Kenyon Avenue. On nice days we may walk to Sari's Sanctuary, just 200 yards behind The Well, along the Saugatucket River.  Sari's Sanctuary is a beautiful outdoor classroom built in honor of Sarah (Sari) McClarron (1993-2005). Sari loved nature and the wildlife that played, nested and fed in this river.
Just being in Sari's Sanctuary fills you with an appreciation and sweetness for life.
Sari's Sanctuary, Outdoor Classroom along the Saugatucket River, is behind The Wakefield Elementary School off High Street, and across the river from downtown's row of popular businesses along Main Street, from Fat Belly's and MamaBird, to The Alternative Food Coop and Dove n' Distaff  (where The Well is located). 
REBECCA'S PUBLIC CLASSES are $5-$20 Pay what you can, when you can, just come -  good things will flow with the movement of shri (abundance & creative life force energy).  My classes all contain story, mantra (repetitive chants) and meditation, as well as flowing and instructional asanas (postures) for all level of student. We have mats if you need one.

"Mythic Yoga Stories, Asanas, Mantras and Meditations 

For a summer full of inspiration and ignition, learn from the deities of mythic yoga lore. Storytelling helps us connect with all the parts of who we are through all the characters of the story. They are symbolic representations of our experiences and emotions; spanning generations and ethnicity, stories are a fun way to help us connect with ourselves from the inside out. Following the 5-10 minutes of story, we'll move through a flowing asana practice, clearing our bodies and stilling our minds for meditation, as practiced with mudra (hand gestures), mantra (repetitive sound that has good vibrations) and intention. Through this yoga practice, we'll connect with our hearts, and illuminate ourselves from the inside out, with courage and grace.

TUESDAYS 7-8 AM / 9:30-11 AM/ and 6-7:30 PM  at THE WELL  365 Main St. Wakefield, RI

Find a comfortable seat. Place your hands on your thighs in
chin mudra (thumbs and forefingers touching) or with the left hand cupping your right, elbows beneath your shoulders. With a straight spine, begin connecting with your breath; consciously breathing a 1:1 inhale to exhale.Giving as much emphasis and time to your inhalation as to your exhalation until it becomes effortless.
 Focus your minds eye on the depths of your belly, as you stoke its fire,
and to the light of your heart, as you reveal it's true loves. 
Keep breathing, even inhales to exhales. 

Inhale 4 counts, through your nostrils. Exhale 4 counts through your nostrils. 
Inhale fullness and brightness. Exhale freedom and lightness. 

Bring the uplifting breath from your lower belly and back body, into the depths of your being,
and lift the brightness of your heart to the darkness behind your eyes,
through the back of your throat to the crown of your head.
Align your intention of how you wish to be this summer with your potential for abundance and growth
and for the beauty, patience and awareness needed in your own unfolding lushness.  

Inhale 4 cts. Exhale 4 cts. Inhale 4 cts. Exhale 4cts. 
7 x's

The awakening shakti (creative feminine energy of the universe) is symbolized in the  
Goddess Lakshmi (pronounced LUCK Shmee, or LUCK Shree, not by accident) 
Lakshmi's energy is that of creating love, abundance and prosperity, within and throughout.  
 Invoking the Goddess Laksmi through story, mantra and meditation, as well as through beautiful asana (postures), brings a wealth of grace, beauty and most importantly gratitude into and from our hearts.
The abundance that we all hold within, no matter what we own, possess or do on the outside, is ultimately what is most important in life. We hold an abundance of inner qualities, thoughts, dreams and desires and all are not bright, some dark and mysterious; Lakshmi reminds us to feel grateful for all the parts of who we are, and to accept, acknowledge and live with gratitude for all that we are. We are abundance itself. We can internally drop the self-improvement efforts, put down whatever heavy load our psyches may be carrying. Each pose that we do is deep enough, each breath we take sustains us enough so that we can do this practice. The amount we devote to it is enough. We are more than enough. This is a practice of self-love.

Repeat Lakshmi's Mantra 

You can ask Lakshmi, in your own words, to be present with you during this meditation,
 and through this mantra you can invoke her teachings and energy.
Repeating the mantra (mind tool) is bringing positive vibrational energy into your psyche;
it basically translates as:
Om, I invoke the energy of Lakshmi that is contained in the seed mantra of Shreem.

Om SHREEM Lakshmi Eh NAmaha

Om SHREEM Lakshmi Eh NAmaha

Om SHREEM Lakshmi Eh NAmaha

Repeat 7x's 

Focusing on your heart as you breath. Listen within, to the vibration of your cells.
Imagine all that is in this world that you Love. EVERYTHING that you love. Feel your chest expand.
Feel the abundant spaciousness and freedom that is within you. In every one of our cells is universal energy toward happiness and bliss, not solid dense mass constricting us, but waves of spacious energy freeing us to move in the direction of loving growth, prosperity and abundance.

Begin at this moment, with your very next choice, to give your cells the energy, thought, sunlight and love, healthy foods and habits that nurture their wellness and potential. Recognize that all that you wish to be is already within you, and take care to nourish this abundance. And throughout this summer, Shine from the inside out, like Lakshmi rising from the ocean of our hearts on a luminous lotus flower.
Namaste~ Rebecca
Come to class and you'll get the full Laksmi story.

Monday, June 30, 2014

SUMMER IS HERE - Let the sun shine in, and from within, let it shine out!

Begin where you are. Begin again. Begin now...  Reignite the fire in your heart this summer with the best and brightest YOU ever. The intense light of long, full days offers us an opportunity to see more of the natural world, and of our friends and family.

Scarborough Fields, Narragansett, RI
"Look out of any window, any morning, any day." ~

Hikes along shoreline cliffs, or in the cool woods, picnics at the beach and parties under the stars...brightness is all around illuminating life and it's opportunities to live it. But it takes the illumination of our own heart's desires, the fire'y truth in our own gut, and the following of our own soul to truly live the life we want to live.
Beautiful unfolding Cosmos at The Broad Rock Community Gardens in South Kingstown, RI.
My son Shane is in background, watering the Middle School's pumpkins his fifth grade class planted for next fall.  

"There is no need to rush the unfolding of a flower. Be in the process of becoming, be in the beauty of your own unfolding." ~ Hanneli Francis (my first Anusara yoga teacher, 1996)

Like an unfolding bud, every cell in our body tells us what we would love to do, want to do, can do, must do to fully live the life we are driven to express and experience. Become aware if you are driving in the wrong direction, by listening to your cells, are they, you, contracting into the tightness of a bud? Are you waiting for more light to clear out the dark hollows of your spirit? Well, it's summer, time to reveal and ignite, to bloom and maintain before the harvest.
Wild St. John's Wort  (hypericum)
a nervous system tonic blooms
naturally in late June through summer
Go for the sun, grow and ripen, be in the 
awareness of the natural beauty of becoming all that you are.
Organic Strawberries freshly picked
at EARTH CARE FARM in Charlestown, RI
Release all of your past 

mis-takes, and turn your challenges into opportunities for growth.  You are not your accomplishments - they come and go like dropping petals or composted fruit.  
You are what inspires and nurtures their becoming. 
Be in your heart - illuminate what's inside and maintain the garden and ecosystem of your growth.  ~ Namaste, Rebecca 

Sunday, June 1, 2014



"Mythic Yoga Stories, Asana, Mantra & Meditation" - 

Learn the spiritual wisdom behind the asanas from the deities, 
sages and warriors that inspire them (All level classes, beginners welcome!)

SPRING INTO SUMMER SERIES begins Wed. June 4, 2014
6:00- 7:30 PM 
@The Well, LLC (365 Main St. Wakefield, above Dove n' Distaff; next door to Coop) 
401-533-0116 for more info or to register.
$5-$15 Pay what you can, when you can. Offer an exchange. Good things will come

 June 4, 11, 18 & 25 

Spring into summer - Break through to new beginnings. 

In this workshop we'll invoke the wisdom of Ganesha, the elephant boy, known in yogic tradition for his ability to break through the obstacles that hold us back, especially the limitations we create within our own minds, like impatience and self doubt.

 Ganesha is especially auspicious when we wish to begin a new project or intention. He listens with his big elephant ears and discovers that all that is needed to move forward and grow, is already within. He uses a weakness (his broken tusk, eagerness, insecurity and envy) as a tool to mature, and writes a positive new story (using his sharp edged tusk) to move on and progress, to grow, and be of benefit to others and himself. 
Rooting heavily into the earth, we'll first root to rise in standing balancing poses, and work towards gentle twists, back bends and hip openers (washing away what does not serve us) and using the rinse and flow, along with the light of the heart to grow patiently in the blossoming, bird of paradise pose, and again in the ever so slow, hip and heart opener, sundial pose, where we slowly reveal the light of day, and full on summer with patience.)

"There is no need to rush the unfolding of a flower, be with the awareness of the process and with the natural unfolding beauty of blossoming."
 ~ Hanneli Francis  (My first Anusara yoga teacher, 1995)

Rebecca will give special care and attention to our psoas, lower back & hamstrings, and to the flow of supportive energy through our back body and heart. Beginners are always welcome and supported. 

WEDNESDAY WORKSHOPS at THE WELL: June 4 / June 11 / June 18 / June 25

 Summer Solstice YOGA DANCE PARTY @ The Well 365 Main St.  June 21, Saturday, 7-11 PM. 

(with green drink-cucumber -watermelon cocktails)

Parvati (aka Shakti), Durga, Kali and Laksmi: embracing all of the parts of who we are; we'll dance the dance of life, with courage, compassion, intensity and grace
The archetypical traits of the deities are within us all, ready to be both nurtured and challenged through the practice of yoga and expression of dance. 
Utilizing ujjaii breathing, mudra, mantra meditation, and the application of Anusara Yoga's Universal Principals of Alignment we'll work compassionately and courageously through a range of building and apex poses from standing and arm balancing poses, to inversions and backbends on to supine restoratives. Emerging like the goddess Laksmi from the churning sea with a clearer perspective on how best to be all that we are, with abundance,  love and acceptance for our differences and samenesses.

Now's the time. Begin where you are, begin now, begin again. That's what springing into summer is all about!

Entering into the abiding, inner presence of SELF, with mantra, mudra and meditation

Prepare for MEDITATION
Sit in a comfortable position for meditation, in padamasana (lotus pose) or ardha padamasana (half lotus) or sukasana (easy pose); Sit on a cushion with a straight spine, grounding into your seat and rising from the base of your spine with breath, up and through the back of your heart, throat and eyes, through your crown.

Place your hands in a budding LOTUS MUDRA 
The hands before the heart is Anjane Mudra. Opening your hands in a budding of light, with the heels of your palms still touching, and your pinkies and thumbs still pressing gently into one another. The other six fingers revealing inner self as they open gently to the sky. 

A mudra is a gesture of energy through a circuit like positioning of your hands. Mudras can be referred to as "yoga for your hands", although you can also create a full body mudra, as we often do in asana practice.  

As you repeat this mantra, breathe into your Lotus mudra, as if you are breathing into abundance and light blooming. Await the power of LOVE in your heart. 

 Repeat this  MANTRA 
Om shreem maha Lakshmi eh namaha
Om shreem maha Lakshmi eh namaha
Om shreem maha Lakshmi eh namaha


Shreem is a bija or seed mantra, a single syllable vibrational sound that like a seed holds the wholeness of the teachings. As an acorn holds the fullness of an oak within it's tiny self.   
Laksmi holds the shakti (creative force) of the teachings of the heart, that of LOVE and the mirrored reflection of the beloved, all within it's vibration.

With every breath, polish the mirror, clear away dust and falsehoods, the statements that do not serve you, roles that are not the real you, and reveal your true SELF. 
Truth resides in the lotus of your heart. Bloom and be Bright! 

When the chest becomes 
free of limiting ego, 
Then we know the beloved.  

You can not see yourself
without a mirror
Look at the beloved. 
He is the brightest mirror.