Monday, June 30, 2014

SUMMER IS HERE - Let the sun shine in, and from within, let it shine out!

Begin where you are. Begin again. Begin now...  Reignite the fire in your heart this summer with the best and brightest YOU ever. The intense light of long, full days offers us an opportunity to see more of the natural world, and of our friends and family.

Scarborough Fields, Narragansett, RI
"Look out of any window, any morning, any day." ~

Hikes along shoreline cliffs, or in the cool woods, picnics at the beach and parties under the stars...brightness is all around illuminating life and it's opportunities to live it. But it takes the illumination of our own heart's desires, the fire'y truth in our own gut, and the following of our own soul to truly live the life we want to live.
Beautiful unfolding Cosmos at The Broad Rock Community Gardens in South Kingstown, RI.
My son Shane is in background, watering the Middle School's pumpkins his fifth grade class planted for next fall.  

"There is no need to rush the unfolding of a flower. Be in the process of becoming, be in the beauty of your own unfolding." ~ Hanneli Francis (my first Anusara yoga teacher, 1996)

Like an unfolding bud, every cell in our body tells us what we would love to do, want to do, can do, must do to fully live the life we are driven to express and experience. Become aware if you are driving in the wrong direction, by listening to your cells, are they, you, contracting into the tightness of a bud? Are you waiting for more light to clear out the dark hollows of your spirit? Well, it's summer, time to reveal and ignite, to bloom and maintain before the harvest.
Wild St. John's Wort  (hypericum)
a nervous system tonic blooms
naturally in late June through summer
Go for the sun, grow and ripen, be in the 
awareness of the natural beauty of becoming all that you are.
Organic Strawberries freshly picked
at EARTH CARE FARM in Charlestown, RI
Release all of your past 

mis-takes, and turn your challenges into opportunities for growth.  You are not your accomplishments - they come and go like dropping petals or composted fruit.  
You are what inspires and nurtures their becoming. 
Be in your heart - illuminate what's inside and maintain the garden and ecosystem of your growth.  ~ Namaste, Rebecca 

Sunday, June 1, 2014



"Mythic Yoga Stories, Asana, Mantra & Meditation" - 

Learn the spiritual wisdom behind the asanas from the deities, 
sages and warriors that inspire them (All level classes, beginners welcome!)

SPRING INTO SUMMER SERIES begins Wed. June 4, 2014
6:00- 7:30 PM 
@The Well, LLC (365 Main St. Wakefield, above Dove n' Distaff; next door to Coop) 
401-533-0116 for more info or to register.
$5-$15 Pay what you can, when you can. Offer an exchange. Good things will come

 June 4, 11, 18 & 25 

Spring into summer - Break through to new beginnings. 

In this workshop we'll invoke the wisdom of Ganesha, the elephant boy, known in yogic tradition for his ability to break through the obstacles that hold us back, especially the limitations we create within our own minds, like impatience and self doubt.

 Ganesha is especially auspicious when we wish to begin a new project or intention. He listens with his big elephant ears and discovers that all that is needed to move forward and grow, is already within. He uses a weakness (his broken tusk, eagerness, insecurity and envy) as a tool to mature, and writes a positive new story (using his sharp edged tusk) to move on and progress, to grow, and be of benefit to others and himself. 
Rooting heavily into the earth, we'll first root to rise in standing balancing poses, and work towards gentle twists, back bends and hip openers (washing away what does not serve us) and using the rinse and flow, along with the light of the heart to grow patiently in the blossoming, bird of paradise pose, and again in the ever so slow, hip and heart opener, sundial pose, where we slowly reveal the light of day, and full on summer with patience.)

"There is no need to rush the unfolding of a flower, be with the awareness of the process and with the natural unfolding beauty of blossoming."
 ~ Hanneli Francis  (My first Anusara yoga teacher, 1995)

Rebecca will give special care and attention to our psoas, lower back & hamstrings, and to the flow of supportive energy through our back body and heart. Beginners are always welcome and supported. 

WEDNESDAY WORKSHOPS at THE WELL: June 4 / June 11 / June 18 / June 25

 Summer Solstice YOGA DANCE PARTY @ The Well 365 Main St.  June 21, Saturday, 7-11 PM. 

(with green drink-cucumber -watermelon cocktails)

Parvati (aka Shakti), Durga, Kali and Laksmi: embracing all of the parts of who we are; we'll dance the dance of life, with courage, compassion, intensity and grace
The archetypical traits of the deities are within us all, ready to be both nurtured and challenged through the practice of yoga and expression of dance. 
Utilizing ujjaii breathing, mudra, mantra meditation, and the application of Anusara Yoga's Universal Principals of Alignment we'll work compassionately and courageously through a range of building and apex poses from standing and arm balancing poses, to inversions and backbends on to supine restoratives. Emerging like the goddess Laksmi from the churning sea with a clearer perspective on how best to be all that we are, with abundance,  love and acceptance for our differences and samenesses.

Now's the time. Begin where you are, begin now, begin again. That's what springing into summer is all about!

Entering into the abiding, inner presence of SELF, with mantra, mudra and meditation

Prepare for MEDITATION
Sit in a comfortable position for meditation, in padamasana (lotus pose) or ardha padamasana (half lotus) or sukasana (easy pose); Sit on a cushion with a straight spine, grounding into your seat and rising from the base of your spine with breath, up and through the back of your heart, throat and eyes, through your crown.

Place your hands in a budding LOTUS MUDRA 
The hands before the heart is Anjane Mudra. Opening your hands in a budding of light, with the heels of your palms still touching, and your pinkies and thumbs still pressing gently into one another. The other six fingers revealing inner self as they open gently to the sky. 

A mudra is a gesture of energy through a circuit like positioning of your hands. Mudras can be referred to as "yoga for your hands", although you can also create a full body mudra, as we often do in asana practice.  

As you repeat this mantra, breathe into your Lotus mudra, as if you are breathing into abundance and light blooming. Await the power of LOVE in your heart. 

 Repeat this  MANTRA 
Om shreem maha Lakshmi eh namaha
Om shreem maha Lakshmi eh namaha
Om shreem maha Lakshmi eh namaha


Shreem is a bija or seed mantra, a single syllable vibrational sound that like a seed holds the wholeness of the teachings. As an acorn holds the fullness of an oak within it's tiny self.   
Laksmi holds the shakti (creative force) of the teachings of the heart, that of LOVE and the mirrored reflection of the beloved, all within it's vibration.

With every breath, polish the mirror, clear away dust and falsehoods, the statements that do not serve you, roles that are not the real you, and reveal your true SELF. 
Truth resides in the lotus of your heart. Bloom and be Bright! 

When the chest becomes 
free of limiting ego, 
Then we know the beloved.  

You can not see yourself
without a mirror
Look at the beloved. 
He is the brightest mirror.