Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Perhaps SUPPORT in these areas is the number one TO DO on your list this season.  If so, read on...

ORGANIC FRESH GREENS and LOW GLYCEMIC FRUITS with a seasonal splash of what's ripe and ready for nourishing the body this time of year, like red or black organic grapes, pomegranates and persimmons...  sounds good and clean, and is just that. So get it on, and get it in your body! 


with a hOMnaturale Seasonal DeTox hOMe and Body Cleanse you'll nourish and replenish while resting the digestive system with allergen-free, pre and pro-biotic foods and cortisol lowering practices like daily journal writing, meditation and yoga, plus a long Thai massage at week's end. 

for an easy, compassionate transformative experience that provides for your individual health needs and empowers the long lasting lifestyle changes that make every meal, snack or moment matter.                                                                                                                 
$375 for 7 DAY PLAN: includes Thai Yoga Massage & 5 Yoga Classes, with 4 Days of Organic Green Juices made for you fresh daily (to pick up before/after your health coaching and yoga and meditation sessions) plus 4 Days of Super Foods (organic kale, arugula, fresh coconuts, avocados, nut and seeds (almond, pumpkin, chia, hemp, flax, sesame) and their milks and butters; plus cacao and maca powders, nutritional yeast, goji berries, raspberries and more!) for you to make at-hOMe Smoothies, Soups and Salads with recipe eBooks, Shopping Lists and meal plans.   
$300 for 5 DAY PLAN: includes 3 days of Super Foods, 3 days of Green Juices and 3 Yoga Classes and a 60 minute Health Coaching Session with Rebecca, which can include a pantry/fridge check-in and make-over, food prep and meal making (learn how to make your own sauerkraut or how to juice with ease and speed) or simply be coached in a "worse-better-best" snack or meal planning session with shopping lists or a trip to your market (with saving money and optimizing your health as your number one priorities).  
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Do you want a fresh start for 2015? 

Do you want to free yourself from proton pump inhibiting drugs, cholesterol lowering statins, anti-inflammatory medications or anti-depressants with all of their side effects and  bottle after bottle dependency?

 If so hOMnaturale's Detox hOMe and Body Seasonal Cleansing Support System is the gut replenishing,  immune and nervous system rebuilding program for you to naturally bring your body back to functioning as NATURE intended. 



Come hOMe to your true self.  


Watch as your physical, physiological, and spiritual body transforms from TUESDAY evening when we meet and discuss the week and begin to fill your pantry and fridge with better/best choices like  SUPER FOOD SNACKS, SALADS and SMOOTHIE INGREDIENTS  to the SUNDAY morning following, which begins your fourth day of green juicing and easeful, new habits like yoga and meditation; practices that you'll come to rely on which can take you through to the new you by the following TUESDAY as you...

  1. Wake with a smile and consider three things you appreciate from new beginnings to everything you love and why.                                                                                         
  2. Turn on the tea kettle, squeeze an organic lemon in warm water and sip some natural sunshine that alkalizes your blood and sets your metabolism for cell rejuvenation.                                                                                                                  
  3. Wrap a shawl around your shoulders and create a mudra with your hands, and repeat a mantra with your throat, and meditate on your hOMe in your heart.  Then settle in to the good vibrations led by the pulsing sound of your breath.                                                     
  4. Positively make plans for your day with just three goals in mind. Go easy on your self and stay motivated to love and be love.                                                                  
  5. Take a brisk walk as part of a regular sadhana (spiritual) practice, or create the time in your schedule for yoga, Thai chi or whatever "moves" you and offers time for you to reflect and listen to your intuition, instead of Do.                                          
  6.  Drink 16-24 ounces of purified water or coconut water daily, to help your kidneys and liver cleanse toxins from your body, and replenish cellular fluids.                                                                                                                 
  7. Nourish your cells daily with a super-food green smoothie or fresh organic nutrient dense green juice, chewing slowly, letting the life force enzymes swirl.                                                                                                   
  8. Eliminate your-worse food choices by planning ahead and choosing your "better-best" foods for daily snacks and meals that meet your physiological needs and level your emotional states. Ground anxiousness with a dark arugula and broccoli micro-green salad topped with avocado and lemon juice, with pumpkin and chia seeds sprinkled on top. Go to a warming, seasonal root-veggie medley from hOMnaturale's SOUPer BROTH BOWLS instead of a gut-wrenching, sugar craving inducer, like cereal and milk (worse choice) or a panini chicken cheese sandwich, with cookies or a pastry (another worse choice with all worse choice white ingredients: sugar, flour and dairy).  Go with colorful, real foods.                 You are what you eat!                                                                                                                                                  
  9. Watch your self go from worse, better, best practices as you make positive choices like meditating or taking a walk when stressed (for 10-20 min) instead of 10-15 minutes of no-intent internet usage (worse choice).                                        
  10. And instead of a worse choice practice of filling your cart with packaged foods from a super chain store with rows upon rows of processed fake food and industrial agriculture crops -primarily food stuff laden with GM sugar, corn, soy and wheat products, harvest food from your own planting, or shop in a small community market to support local economies and sustainable practices, buying REAL food, like locally grown and/or ORGANIC KALE, CAULIFLOWER or STRING BEANS and CARROTS with a tahini butter and miso green dressing and a juicy side of a fermented condiments like hOMe-made sauerkraut or miso soup, and then sit down with family and friends, or by your well deserving self, at a beautiful place setting, and be grateful for the food that nourishes you and the life-force and flavors from the earth that are your God given right.                                                                                                                            
  11. Enjoy LOW-GLYCEMIC, SEASONAL FRUIT like autumn's organic raspberries, black grapes, persimmons or pomegranate straight up or with a cultured, organic plain kefir/yogurt or a non-dairy nut milk pudding with coconut meat, cacao, maca or other nourishing whole-super-foods that are anti-inflammatory and blood sugar balancing.                                                                                
  12. Wind down your day sipping a decaf TURMERIC JAMU or Yogi Tea as you DRY BRUSH your body and run a LAVENDER EPSOM SALT BATH; READ and LISTEN to music that soothes. Enjoy an Email and Internet free last hour before bed; write in your journal to bring reflection back to the hOMe you've been nourishing in the heart all day, and lights off by ten. MMM Good. 
You become what you repeatedly do." ~ Aristotle
Practice naturally healthy choices, and become naturally healthy.
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your  DeTox hOMe and Body Green Juice and Yoga Wellness Week now.