Wednesday, December 31, 2014


New Year's Resolution 1: Discover how great I can feel when I choose to feed myself clean, organic, real food. 

Like purified warm water & lemon every morning to start me off alkalized (instead of acidic if I have coffee first thing); and an organic green smoothie for breakfast with essential brain and energy food to sustain me through the day, with healthy fats and protein- like hemp or home made almond milk or organic/local kefir, with added spinach, avocado or coconut oil, maca or spirulina super foods, along with low glycemic, organic, fresh fruit like berries, mangos and pears, and a nutrient dense green juice a day, with all organic, fresh pressed (not blended) produce, like celery, kale, parsley, lemon, ginger, apples or pineapple. 
And I'll make and eat great big salads topped with nuts and seeds and sprouts, with a calming, nourishing mushroom or herbal tea, and if I really want coffee, I'll do better by buying organic, fair trade coffee and add non GMO soy or nut milk & stevia or coconut nectar.  YES!

With a week or so of these choices my palette will be cleared of processed fast foods, and the taste of "frankenfood" products, and I'll WANT TO choose more fresh, close to nature options that I grow myself, or buy locally or in smaller markets (not big industry, big agriculture or big pharma controlled box store groceries).  YES!


Even if it means going from Worse choice, to Better and then Best choices... closer to nature is where I know humans feel better. I'll know because my body will tell me, by FEELING GOOD!
PASTURE RAISED, CLEAN FED (no gmo grains!) MEAT- only 30%-20% of a meal (or wild)
ORGANIC ANCIENT GRAINS, SPROUTED or GLUTEN FREE: Quinoa, Buckwheat, Teff, Oats ... 30% of MEALS
and whole food, real sweetners (maple syrup, coconut nectar, honey, stevia) BASICALLY MAKE A RAINBOW of your plate, multi-colors and lots of variety MAKES A MEAL THAT HELPS HUMANS THRIVE! THRIVE, EAT WELL! FEEL GREAT!

ORGANIC REAL FOOD & NUTRITION EDUCATION & YOGA CLASSES with REBECCA at THE WELL are TUESDAYS 6-7:30 PM (Cleanse students come 5:00-6:00 PM for Wellness Sessions prior.) & WEDNESDAYS 6 -8:30 PM WORKSHOP:
Films, Healthy Snacks, Apps and Action, with Yoga and Meditation Intermissions. 
JAN. 7th showing of: Dirt! THE MOVIE. 6-8:30 PM. 

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION 2: To recognize how much more productive and present I am when I set a regular scheduled time each day, week and month to press the "reset" button, by connecting with nature, with walking or seated meditation, yoga or other forms of exercise and with a massage. YES! Food Matters. Nature Matters. I Matter. 

Thai massage with Rebecca at The Well.  90 minutes of lazy man's yoga, relaxation and release.
Cleanse students get one session including in their week. Sessions can be scheduled Tus.-Fri. and on weekend afternoons.
One 90 Minute Session: $90 with Hot Ginger Compresses and Heath Coaching: $125/120 minutes
3 Sessions: $87 each and 5 Sessions: $85 each and $30 for HG Compresses and Health Coaching.
Rebecca also teaches yoga at RIVER BEND ATHLETIC CLUB 316 River St. PEACE DALE, RI and offers her
HEALTH COACHING program to all members and to the general public, which includes her
SUNDAY 9:30-11 AM & FRIDAY 4:30-5:45 PM yoga classes.
ALL LEVELS. "INTENTIONAL YOGA" - Spiritually and Physically aligning asanas with purpose and thematic flow.
HAZARD ROCK Narragansett, RI Nature walks, yoga and meditation when nature beckons us to pay attention!

hOMnaturale's DeTox hOMe & Body: 5-7 Day Cleanse  

&  Whole System Reboot is here to support your 2015 intentions.  Begin now. Begin again. Begin where you are. 

Contact me via email:  I will send you a health questionnaire, my hOMnaturale eBooks (cleansing regime, recipes, meal plans and meditations) and your own hOMe journal to account for your transformation.  

5-7 Day Nutrient Dense Winter DeTox Programs are designed to work with your individual health conditions, lifestyle preferences and family needs, and financial situation.  

 The cost covers most of the food you'll be eating through the week (always organic and local when in season) and a shopping list is available for you to have for further repeat purchases, as you recreate smoothie, salad, green juice and healthy whole food meals (including vegan, vegetarian or omnivore recipes; paleo, gluten/grain-free and always pro-biotic influenced). 

The eBooks and habits you acquire will help you through the rest of the season, and support is available for the rest of your year of resolve.  I want you to experience what it feels like to thrive on live, real foods and with a true connection to mother nature and your hOMe inside your heart. 

The DeTox hOMe and Body Cleanse & Wellness Weeks include organic whole food and the yoga and meditation, support and inspiration to keep you evolving, and transforming as you actualize your resolutions. 

$275-$375/week - includes a 90 minute Thai massage and 1:1 Health Coaching Session,  five yoga classes, and a week of organic green juices (3-4 days of juices I make for you!) and a week of super foods I purchase for you (or shop with me!) for you to make at hOMe meals consisting of real food (no supplements). 

The Winter Cleanse meals include: organic nutrient dense greens, and microgreens (sprouts) and essential whole food fats and proteins for your smoothies, salads and snacks that are all gluten/grain-free, dairy free and low glycemic. 
Organic bone broths are included, and available for non-vegan options; these easily assimilable vital nutrient dense broths are great to keep your micro-biome happy and your nervous and immune systems optimally healthy. 
AFTER CLEANSE ReBOOTS: $50-$75 for a two day cleanse of 6 green juices and 1:1 support with special options. 
CALL or TEXT or email NOW: My time is limited to work with only a few clients per week. 401-533-0116

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The secret to achieving your health goals is ... staying inspired!
Waking up to the sun each morning, to the opportunity to live in it's light and with it's life force energy, and to breathe in this miracle, inspires me to be grateful for the infinite intelligence and supreme consciousness, or God, that makes it so. "Waking up" to our ability to reflect or be one with God's ubiquitous presence within and throughout, before our thoughts, words, actions and worldly relations challenge this awareness, is a challenge.
Remembering that we are, I am, this miracle, is a practice in consciousness; to wake and be with this realization, uninterrupted by thoughts, of self-doubt, fear and discontent is a challenge. 
May we all keep reflecting the light and remembrance of such, even in darkness.
Namaste,  Rebecca    Winter Solstice 2015 
Sometimes when we forget, we can return to this intention with regular meditation practice, or with private or community yoga classes, with personal teachers or trainers, nutritional coaches, films, books, healthy friends and transformative programs that we participate in. 
Sometimes it just takes staying quiet each morning. 
Resolve to remember in 2015, and practice your resolution. 

IN SPIRADO in spirit
inspired by a conversation between Dr. Wayne Dwyer and Ester Hicks

"When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project,
then all of your thoughts break their bonds;
your mind transcends limitations; your consciousness expands in every direction
and you find yourself in a new and great, wonderful world.
Dormant forces, faculty and talents come alive;
and you discover yourself to be a far greater person than you've ever dreamt to be.
Discovering that You are the Divine, the "God" source energy of life itself."
~Patanjali, Yogic sage

When you wake in the morning, you are in the greatest potential of your true Divine Self,
undistracted by the busy chatter of the mind's to do lists and regrets.
Stay with it. Stay with the Divine. Acknowledge your consciousness of the supreme silence, the blissful calm, spaciousness of the mind.
Maintain  this focus with breath awareness; breathe into being while remaining one with this Divine Source Energy that is itself, Supreme Consciousness.

Supreme Consciousness has always been aware of whatever you are doing.
Source is always there, but when you know it (when you are not doing what takes you away from knowing this) then it is mastery of focus. Be it in the early morning calm or in the fleeting moments of blissful flow while in your own creativity.

"The morning breeze has secrets to tell you. Do not go back to sleep. DO not go back to sleep. Do not go back to sleep." ~ Rumi

And when in the midst of night you awaken....
What is it that awakens you?
Divine source. 'This is the time. There is no distraction. Listen.'

That's the important conversation... to listen. The momentum of your thought has stopped after a long night's sleep, so there is no contradictory force to make you not listen. Conscious awareness of that high frequency vibration of infinite intelligence itself can remain or be revisited with an immediate morning meditation. Set your timer for 20 minutes, no judgement, no distractions. With silence and stillness, with awareness of the grace of the divine bliss in spacious freedom, do not chase or attach yourself to thought.

When thought arises, let it go into the abyss.
17 seconds after a held thought, the law of attraction brings another thought to you. And 17 seconds after that, another thought comes, and another, and another... every 17 seconds... until at 68 seconds you have lost that supreme consciousness.

Instead of clear space that is potentially there for you to find. you think instead about your dilemmas,
and within 17 seconds more thoughts will join it. Until 68 second mark. You then have lost your window with alignment with source.

You can always begin again tomorrow. It's easier in the am. Or find your bliss throughout the day.

Law of Attraction is the vibrational engine that manages everything. There is momentum in thought.
If you think a thought long enough it becomes a belief. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.
When you first awaken those beliefs are quiet enough that you can find a fresh one. One that is your true self. So you can tap into the source.

I'd like to keep you inspired on a regular basis...
with an inspirational quote or affirmation each week SUBSCRIBE HERE to MY BLOG.
Tue. 6 PM/ Wed. 6 PM/ Fri. 4:30 PM or SUN 9:30 AM
to build upon your regular practices or to add meditation and movement into your life each day.
Take part in a Health Coaching Session to reboot your intentions for a healthier life and for more fulfilling consciousness raising, personal habits.
Enjoy an inspirational film screening with a little yoga, good food and healthy discussion.

Get inspired. Stay inspired. and take advantage of that spacious silence when in SPIRADO. 

Merry Christmas

Natural hOMe to yours... 

what i wish for you i wish for everyone including myself
to be free from struggle and full of grace
to feel your fortune is in just being alive
at this time 
 and to recognize that LOVE and the opportunity 
to love more is ... everywhere
in every thought, word and action we create. 
Love resides in the hOMe in our hearts. It naturally feels better than fear. 
Fear is a fight with love... it's a mental struggle with joy, pleasure, contentment, productivity, offerings, compassion. and love itself.  
Fear wastes energy that can be
 used to create more love in our hOMes. 
Namaste and Merry Christmas!