Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Don't wait
any longer,
Into the ocean
and let the Sea Be You.
~ Rumi.

There are love stories
And there is obliteration into love,
You are walking the ocean shore
Holding up your robes to keep them dry,
You must dive, naked and under
Under a thousand times deeper.
Loves floats down,
And the earth submits to the sky.
And suffers what comes.
Tell me,
Does it fair any less for giving in like that?

Oh to dive deep, and listen... to the weight of heavy emotions, heart ache and pain, sorrow and fight,
Dense darkness in the thick solitude of the ocean bottom.
Oh to let go and trust that all will be okay.
To release into the Sea and let be.
To kick free and rise to the surface sunlight, and rework this pain of plans not furthered, of dreams not fulfilled.
Oh to forgive and release what can not be held any longer
or I'll drown, die alone in darkness.
To reveal and accept - and let go from my feet.
To rise above the surf and wash ashore in a spray of potential.
A remembrance of this exuberant, yet raw, rocky journey,
Seals on my skin as sticky, taut, salt.

Will we be okay?
Will I paddle back out, and again ride these waves,
Will I feel the spray on my way to my sun baked blanket of security and protection,
Or will I continue to punish and harm myself and others in the tumultuous ocean of all the hard rocky parts of who I am, and of who we are?
Lessons not heeded.
Battered and bruised. Do we continue to suffer what comes?

What do I have to do, to heed and move forward while being so afraid?
Can I do what I know I need to do, can I surf and survive, say sorry and die?
Listening inside for the response to my screaming prayers?
Answers of open-hearted freedom rise from the dark bottom of this ocean
Releasing from the stiff and cold fears are broken trust, dishonored requests,
Ravished bonds of intimacy and truthfulness.

Can we DIVE into the ocean, and let the Sea teach us how to just be?
How to accept and sizzle in the foamy wakes of romance,
Love that turns again and again into its frothy, fierce consequences.
Having been lived, shared and expressed isn't love worth it?
I say yes, in spite of it being an endless wave of imperfection,
Costa Rican twilight ride
Hazard Rock, Narragansett, RI
Hard to ride and hold on to.
Do we rejoice in living in love,
and then suffer in it's dying?
Can we let the ocean take us?
Will it be any easier?
I say Dive.
Into the ocean.
And "I'm sorry" will make the Sea be me.
Surrender to forgiveness.
We can not all surf a perfect wave.
Lick the salt off my skin.


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