Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Mother's Innate Wisdom to Nurture as Nature Intended is at Risk....

Martha's Vineyard. Lambert's Cove on left, walking east from beyond James Pond.  

My work as a Health Coach here on the island, allows me to massage the stress (tension, emotions, stored trauma) therapeutically from the necks, back & shoulders (scalenes, occiput, jaws!!), chest (pectoralis, diaphragm) and hips (psoas) of my clients; my work teaching yoga to the open and willing practitioner encourages introspection and awareness, the recognition and release of tension and the expression of joy and inner happiness. Listening to and observing my clients cues me in to their inner nature and to how their lives may be going against their best nature and functioning.   

Follow nature, and she will be your instructor. The ways of nature are simple, and she does not require any complicated prescriptions. The invisible forces within the body are a powerful force which may be guided by the imagination and propelled by the will.
 ... Paracelsus (1493-1541)
One of the greatest physicians of all time.