Monday, June 30, 2014

SUMMER IS HERE - Let the sun shine in, and from within, let it shine out!

Begin where you are. Begin again. Begin now...  Reignite the fire in your heart this summer with the best and brightest YOU ever. The intense light of long, full days offers us an opportunity to see more of the natural world, and of our friends and family.

Scarborough Fields, Narragansett, RI
"Look out of any window, any morning, any day." ~

Hikes along shoreline cliffs, or in the cool woods, picnics at the beach and parties under the stars...brightness is all around illuminating life and it's opportunities to live it. But it takes the illumination of our own heart's desires, the fire'y truth in our own gut, and the following of our own soul to truly live the life we want to live.
Beautiful unfolding Cosmos at The Broad Rock Community Gardens in South Kingstown, RI.
My son Shane is in background, watering the Middle School's pumpkins his fifth grade class planted for next fall.  

"There is no need to rush the unfolding of a flower. Be in the process of becoming, be in the beauty of your own unfolding." ~ Hanneli Francis (my first Anusara yoga teacher, 1996)

Like an unfolding bud, every cell in our body tells us what we would love to do, want to do, can do, must do to fully live the life we are driven to express and experience. Become aware if you are driving in the wrong direction, by listening to your cells, are they, you, contracting into the tightness of a bud? Are you waiting for more light to clear out the dark hollows of your spirit? Well, it's summer, time to reveal and ignite, to bloom and maintain before the harvest.
Wild St. John's Wort  (hypericum)
a nervous system tonic blooms
naturally in late June through summer
Go for the sun, grow and ripen, be in the 
awareness of the natural beauty of becoming all that you are.
Organic Strawberries freshly picked
at EARTH CARE FARM in Charlestown, RI
Release all of your past 

mis-takes, and turn your challenges into opportunities for growth.  You are not your accomplishments - they come and go like dropping petals or composted fruit.  
You are what inspires and nurtures their becoming. 
Be in your heart - illuminate what's inside and maintain the garden and ecosystem of your growth.  ~ Namaste, Rebecca 

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