Sunday, June 1, 2014

Entering into the abiding, inner presence of SELF, with mantra, mudra and meditation

Prepare for MEDITATION
Sit in a comfortable position for meditation, in padamasana (lotus pose) or ardha padamasana (half lotus) or sukasana (easy pose); Sit on a cushion with a straight spine, grounding into your seat and rising from the base of your spine with breath, up and through the back of your heart, throat and eyes, through your crown.

Place your hands in a budding LOTUS MUDRA 
The hands before the heart is Anjane Mudra. Opening your hands in a budding of light, with the heels of your palms still touching, and your pinkies and thumbs still pressing gently into one another. The other six fingers revealing inner self as they open gently to the sky. 

A mudra is a gesture of energy through a circuit like positioning of your hands. Mudras can be referred to as "yoga for your hands", although you can also create a full body mudra, as we often do in asana practice.  

As you repeat this mantra, breathe into your Lotus mudra, as if you are breathing into abundance and light blooming. Await the power of LOVE in your heart. 

 Repeat this  MANTRA 
Om shreem maha Lakshmi eh namaha
Om shreem maha Lakshmi eh namaha
Om shreem maha Lakshmi eh namaha


Shreem is a bija or seed mantra, a single syllable vibrational sound that like a seed holds the wholeness of the teachings. As an acorn holds the fullness of an oak within it's tiny self.   
Laksmi holds the shakti (creative force) of the teachings of the heart, that of LOVE and the mirrored reflection of the beloved, all within it's vibration.

With every breath, polish the mirror, clear away dust and falsehoods, the statements that do not serve you, roles that are not the real you, and reveal your true SELF. 
Truth resides in the lotus of your heart. Bloom and be Bright! 

When the chest becomes 
free of limiting ego, 
Then we know the beloved.  

You can not see yourself
without a mirror
Look at the beloved. 
He is the brightest mirror.


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