Sunday, April 4, 2010

We are the Resurrection, for we Embody Christ and the Supreme Divine Consciousness dwells within!

Happy Easter weekend! And what a beautiful spring spell we are in, with temps in the 60s and long days of sunshine, you can't help but feel revived. After the deluge of rain, the grass is bright green and the scent, feel and sight of Shri permeates the air. The affirmation of life (Shri) is everywhere, budding from the bare grey bends of oaks, maples and elms; tweeting from the bright red cardinals that flit to and fro the branches till dusk, and infused in the play of children everywhere, on the rocky beaches, the egg sprawled grass and the sun speckled porches. We are blessed with a time to rejoice and are filled with the energy of the Divine, as we resurrect the embodiment of Christ in our own being.

This morning Shane and I went to Easter service at Peace Dale's Unitarian Universal Church. It was our first time actually making it there, we've tried before when they were on break. I am often teaching yoga on Sundays or busy at a Yoga Teacher Training or Workshop, childsitting friends' little ones, or watching over my son resting from from one of the viruses or bugs he caught this year.

We had a lovely Easter Sunday, after Church he enjoyed an egg hunt with the congregation, and another egg hunt here in our yard with the neighborhood kids. Then we enjoyed a neighborhood Easter dinner, as we each brought a plate, shared food and sat on our porches in the sun and feasted! Jeff baked the ham, yams and potatoes; Shane and I decorated an egg shaped cake and made Arugula salad, while Joyce had the twins and dished it all out lovingly with her big smile and generous heart. Before that we all went to the Green Hill Beach and flew kites, dug holes and stacked rocks.

It was a great day to celebrate life. Especially after a week of cleansing. Even Shane had carrot juices and fruit smoothies in place of breads and meats this week, and I did the full Master Cleanse for a few days easing in and out of the fast days with salads, juices, soups and wheat grass. I feel fresher, lighter and full of Shri! Coffee has no appeal to me- I sipped a bit today, and had to say no thanks.

I'm still cleansing and restoring myself emotionally, after letting go of yet another attempt to reunite with my x. It's been a challenging week. I also am deeply praying, as my father goes in for lung surgery this week, Wednesday, to rid his right lower lobe and windpipe of a centimeter of cancer. My mom went through a tough week as well, and spent a few horrible days in the hospital after what was feared to be a stroke/tvi. All is well now with them, although Dad's week awaits. It's very disconcerting to know they are going through so much. I am glad my sister Anne is flying down there today to be with them during this next challenging week. I pray that there is peace and Grace in every moment so we handle all fear, pain and longings with God's divine love, which we each embody, but may forget to embrace.

With that said, May we be filled with the promise of a renewed life, the embodiment of Divine Christ energy and the resurrection of Hope, as we bud and grow through the rest of springs dawning.

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