Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kid' ng and Caring

The sounds of my sisters conversing and breathing with my Dad, talking sweetly to my Mom, giggling amongst themselves and buckling down with the nurses where my dad is being cared for, is in a constant rhythm above my brow. I love this fun cellphone photo they sent from their "girl's night out", while attending Mom's bowling night. (That's a pic of me they're holding, a downloaded presence, since I can't be there in person.) I'm helping from up here, they say, and with the swift aide of modern day technology I've been able to send cheery Shane quips, and text'd synthesis' of my Dad's condition, via the very appreciated aide of my dear friend, "the doctor".)

My Mom's an awesome bowler... no kidding, 'though "kid-ing" is something we all need more of. As I'm sure my sisters are filling every available non-heavy moment with. I'm so glad I have my little guy to keep me smiling and laughing.

Today, I unpacked his backpack from a day at the Roger Williams Park Zoo (a trip he enjoyed with the YMCA spring breakers) and to my sweet surprise I found a rather wilted, but brillant bouquet of dandelions that he had picked for me on the playground at the Y. My heart melted. What a sweetie! He asked a friend for his empty gatorade bottle to stuff them in. Ragged and weary, they're a symbol of so much. Filled with the Shri of childhood and apparent warmth that sincere care can bring. They lit up my day, and his sadness at their condition was heartening.
Oh how I can't help but love, cherish and appreciate these wonderful days while my little guy is so darn cute and adoring.

May moments like these enrich the lives of every human. Love is something.
Here's to Care-giving of all kinds, and to what fills us up!

Good news too. My Dad's doing better... the tracheotomy today has helped tremendously, to bring him hope, his own breath and the recognition that there are brighter days ahead! Big love and breaths full of Grace to all.

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