Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Open to Grace. WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY YOGA Practices/Classes - Dedicated to those needing wellness and to those as witness of process.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7th's and FRIDAY's APRIL 9th's yoga practice/class theme is Opening to Grace, with a dedicated practice for my father who is going in for lung cancer surgery tomorrow at noon. Grace and empathy is especially needed by health care givers, as they treat and aide elders and the unwell and often become hardened to the "care" side of health care. As much as Grace and faith is needed by the ill, it's needed by the nurses, radiologist and doctors. It's an often cold and lonely process, getting well, going in and out of hospitals, test after test, chemo, radiation.... To send out wishes of Grace for all those involved is hugely needed. Kindness is so underrated, and yet so valued. Please be tender to my father, and may all be filled with Grace and free from struggles of all kind.

Broad View Yoga Barn 1010 Matunuck Beach Road, Matunuck, RI
$5-$15 Sliding Scale Fee // Call for more info: 401-533-0116

Wednesdays (Beginning April 7)
11 am-12:30 pm & 4-5 pm
Fridays (Beginning April 9)
11 am-12:30 pm & 5-6 pm

Walks on the beach optional!! More classes to come. Comment with Email address to be on Mail list.

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hOMnaturale said...

It's a bit windy and cool at the end of Matunuck Beach Road at the point where the Broadview Yoga Barn is. Wear a warm pullover and park on street or in the BVYB's private parking lot on the ocean side of street.