Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Merury in retrograde, Rebecca in retrograde

Ugh. the ups and downs of life, the steps forward and the retro back.

thank God for my little boy. he is pure joy, my shining star, the love of my life. Oh, but I did think I'd have true love in this life time too. a partner one day. what ta f___k. men. what is meant for me? what is going on?

i feel like screaming help. like crying and retiring into the woods on a long, long walk to regain my sense of self, my true natural state of me. where am i leading my life? what do i want? how can I create the life I want. first i need to figure out what specifics I need to self actualize.

more exuberant yoga and dance. more sunshine and greenery. more fresh air and friends. margaritas with less sugar and more zing in an outdoor seating with a view setting.

more love with love coming right back or surprisingly first.
less hives. less fear. less anger. less frustration. less poverty.

more abundance. more optemism. more scrupulant observations of self. more Shane.
more creativity actualized on my end. more step by step prioritizing and productivity.

more practice at patience. more breath. more prayer. more meditation.
less struggle. more grace.

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