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SETTLING UP FOR SPRING with Book Club, Garden Planning and Back-office Business

FEELING BLUE Before the Green 

                     "Adopt the pace of nature; 

her secret is patience."   Ralph Waldo Emerson

This winter has a fierce, penetrating presence, with it's heavy snows blanketing my evening walks (as above), and it's gravity fed icicles dripping frigid, piercing fragility from the rooftops of neighborhood shops and hOMes ... "Enter with caution, move with mindfulness" is what seems to be stoically expressed at every turn. 

Like many, I've been staying in more than usual this winter; reading a few novels and working on the foundations of my business, hOMnaturale: yoga and natural family health. Yes, is still in the works!!! 

It apparently takes time, and patience, to construct a frame work and content platform the way I want it before I launch. 
I want a hOMe based business that will take me into my wisdom years with steady income and security, plus an abundance I can pay forward to a society in great need, and towards helping sustain  Mother Earth's great wealth for future generations. 

I don't want to work hard then retire; I'd rather live simply and die of contentment while teaching yoga and wellness far into my 80s or 90s. Experiencing the good grace of going hOMe au naturale after a life of healthy practices, like yoga and meditation, eating and growing organic food and being stimulated by a well rounded education and inspirational opportunities, especially the teachings that come from  serving others while doing what one loves. 

I confess I am seriously concerned with getting my '6 biz pillars' right (as my mentor tweets).
I know consistency is key, and my sporadic emails seem like whimsy, but I'm gaining confidence in my inner and outer worth. 
I also know product positioning, packaging and marketing are vital.

I tell myself to be patient, it's a natural unfolding, or "Bhavana" as I teach in yoga. The process should be beautiful, like a rose blossoming - there's no need to rush it's fullness. Even though I do need to get on it, making some serious income to free my little family from basic needs insecurity.  

'Adopt the pace of nature' is now my (Chinese) New Year's intention to feel the settledness and contentment of present tense bliss, that which Nature's secret little gift of patience gives us.  Still, I can't help but feel the pressure of an un-finish' line up ahead.

So instead of  feeling anxious, as if in a race with winter to the onset of spring. I will release the feeling of urgency, and  responsibly finish my deep thinking, heavy planning, and behind the scenes work, before the sun lets itself, and me, out for play, and I'll do it with gratitude for what I've stored up inside all winter. 

As Emerson suggests, I will adopt Nature's patient pace and go with the flow of snow, and hang low, dripping a slow steady release, and then ground myself with the thaw and grow with the changing seasons.

One of the novels I read, The Signature of All Things, by Elizabeth Gilbert, has nature's evolutionary, slow progression and the need for deep contemplative patience as one of it's many themes. 

"No body passes through this world without suffering - no matter what you may think of them and their supposed good fortune." 
And on what to do with our suffering...
"I cast it on the ground, and I grind it, under the heel of my boot.  I suggest you learn to do the same." - Hanneke de Groot 
to Alma Whitaker  in The Signature of All Things

I think I'll take Hanneke's advice, and with my snow boots still on, I'll squash my energy sucking fears under my heel and turn my suffering into a slushy puddle of eventual ground water.   

What do you do with your suffering? 

YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN IN ON  THE CONVERSATION regarding this topic of "what to do with our suffering" or the many other themes in this month's fabulous read, The Signature of All Things.  

Please join me and a few of my village friends in our  "NATURAL WELL' NEST BOOK CLUB" (fiction, non-fiction and cook-books that take you hOMe to your true self and align you with the nature of all things.)

FIRST BOOK CLUB: Thursday, Feb. 26 from 7-8:30 PM in the village of Wakefield, RI (in the hOMe of participating friend).

I'll share the location if you are interested in attending, or you can Skype with us if you wish! Just let me know by Thursday mid day. 

MARCH BOOK CLUB SESSION is: Last Thursday of Month: March 26, 7-8:30 PM and the BOOK: This Life is in Your Hands, by Melissa Coleman

Email me for details:, or comment below (and yes, I know it's a drag to begin commenting on this blog- you have to fill a mini form out first. Sorry.)

FIRST READ  The Signature of All Things:

And share your take on the interesting aspects of Ms. Gilbert's 19th Century story and characters in a novel that spans the main character's life ( Alma Whitaker 1800-1890s) and journeys and lives lived in many gorgeous locations around the world, from Philadelphia to Tahiti to Amsterdam, with a fair number of gardens, arboretums and moss fields to bring you hOMe to Nature.

I'll be showing dirt! THE MOVIE again in March, when the BROAD ROCK MIDDLE SCHOOL Garden Club begins and our HIGH MOWING SEED orders arrive. 

Setting up a school garden is one of my projects this year, and we started with a PTO Sponsored Garden Fundraiser, selling High Mowing Organic Seeds, $2.75 a pack. 
We get 60% of sales and so far we've made over $600.   

I have a few grants I'm busy writing as well this winter for the school garden...
I hope I have a few more weeks of winter to get into the grant writing mode, as many deadlines are end of March! 
EMAIL ME! Deadline to order is Friday, February 27th.  
Garden time can help continue that healthy play. 

CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL VIDEOS via link way below, or at and subscribe once on. 

There you'll find a few of my hOMe crafted videos and ones I like from fellow yoga teachers', and nutritionists', as well as from 'Functional Medicine Doctors' and or other experts on subjects that align with my hOMnaturale mission to inform and inspire people to come hOMe to Mother Nature.  

I think my son's Youtube video faves from MineCraft to College Humour takes are in the cue as well. lol

 Stay tuned for my hOMnaturale: yoga and natural family health business launch coming soon. More than ever I take great pleasure in helping others, and I am very grateful to be able to share my many, still germinating skills and offerings to a wider audience on line. 

Starting with my hOMnaturale: DeTox hOMe & BODY 7 - 21 Day Cleanse and Wellness Immersions.  Scroll through my blog over to the right and further below, for more information on the remaining winter's and upcoming spring classes and program offerings.

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