Wednesday, February 4, 2015


THIS FEBRUARY take the time to contemplate how you nourish your body, mind and spirit. 

Perhaps the habitual foods you buy and serve, or the practices you partake in are creating the headaches, brain fog or hormonal imbalances, weight gain or irritable digestion that plagues your health or a family members. 


(but can be brought back -in healthy versions -  after healing and sealing our guts and balancing our organ functions): 

1. Grains (not just the gluten in wheat; the US population has been consuming far too much industrially processed grain as in floured bread, pastry, and cereal forms, and our gut is easily inflamed and irritated by the consequences of processing the amylopectin polysaccharides, and gliadin and other protein molecules that are difficult to assimilate, especially because there is so much pesticide used in the mono-crop industrial system of  growing grain and the fact that it's presence in processed foods is ubiquitous. Auto-immune conditions from arthritis, hyperthyroidism, colitis to MS are found to stem from an inflamed, "leaky gut" and GERD and other pathogenic bacteria & low enzyme related  conditions and mental health imbalances, from ADHD, autism spectrum and Alzheimer's to depression, can be linked to too many toxins breaking through the gut and blood brain barrier and creating disrupted systems of immunity, elimination, nutrient absorption and mitochondria cellular energy production, organ development and whole body functioning and restoration.) 

2. Dairy (it's not the raw, clean milk with essential fats in it that was available 3 generations ago) 

3. Soy & Corn (within the past ten years, 95% of these crops (and sugar beets) are genetically engineered to sustain a higher saturation of the pesticide glyphosate which disrupts several key functions in the human body) 

4. Eggs and Meats from animals that are not pasteur fed or organically raised.

5. "Frankenfoods" (processed foods) with trans fats, high amounts of GE beet and corn sugar ingredients, msg, and other laboratory chemicals or processes. There is no healthy version of an artificial food, but if you like micro-wave popcorn (with its chemical laden bag, GE corn, trans-fats and artificial ingredients, I can help you fill this craving with a healthier, better choice of hOMe made popcorn that actually is GOOD for you instead of TOXIC)

3 PROGRAMS to help you


 ADD what HEALS: 

1)  hOMnaturale's DeTox hOMe and BODY: 7-21 Day Nutrient Dense Cleanse & Wellness Immersion. 

Includes 4 days of organic green juicing and a week's worth of super foods for salads, smoothies, soups and broths. Plus yoga, meditation and a Thai massage & health coaching session. This is an elimination diet that is more about adding nourishing, cleansing foods and lifestyle rituals, than creating isolation and deprivation. The week will help your body help itself to cleanse, and will provide your whole being, body, mind and spirit with what it needs to heal and function optimally.

  • Plan with 4 Days of ORGANIC GREEN JUICES made for you: $350 ($25 off through FEB.)
  • Plan with 4 Days of ORGANIC PRODUCE provided to you, for your at-hOMe juicing. $350.
  • Plan with grocery lists of ORGANIC PRODUCE and SUPERFOODS (and recipe eBooks, which all plans include) for you to purchase yourself.  $175
  • ALL "LIVE" PLANS INCLUDE YOGA & MEDITATION and a 1:1 Health Coaching Session and Thai Yoga Massage   RIVER BEND ATHLETIC CLUB Members receive an additional $25 off!! ($325, or $150) and all participants RECEIVE my hOMnaturale eBooks & Support. 
  • INTERNET PLANS: Skype sessions, videos, eBooks, emails, texting and calls. $99 for week. 

 2) hOMnaturale's "GROW a HEALTHY GUT: 1-3 Months to Heal, Seal and Replenish your Gut Microbiome" 

All the support you need to monitor the foods you regularly eat, by eliminating the most common gut, immune & endocrine stressors (grain, dairy, soy, corn, egg, meats & sugar) with subtle evolution into a lifestyle and diet that we create together after gradually adding in and recording your mental, emotional and physical responses to the foods we add back in to your family's/or your own meals. We'll create healthy seasonal foods that Nourish and work for your body (to help it regularly cleanse and function optimally). Headaches, fatigue, brain fog, depression, leaky gut and IBS can potentially be a part of your past.

  • ONE MONTH PLAN: DeTox hOMe & Body wk+ 3 wks of gradually adding foods back in w/ record keeping, recipes, shopping lists & support. $399/month "live" or  $175/mth "online" 

 3.) hOMnaturale's "1-3 DAY ReBOOT: Clean, Green & Serene" 

1-3 Days of organic, green juicing, yoga, meditation and a Thai massage/wellness session (if in the area) to refresh your body, mind and spirit and reignite your intention for a lifestyle of healthy foods and practices, so to get to your goals with enjoyment!    

  • $90 Day (includes 3 organic, green juices, one 90 minute Thai yoga massage & 1:1 wellness coaching/ed session)
  • $60/Day for 3 green juices, and 1:1 Health Coaching (with written plan and "worse, better, best" list of foods and practices for you to move forward with an intention to consider "food as thy medicine". )
  • RIVER BEND Athletic Club Members RECEIVE 1:1 Wellness Coaching though Feb. for $35.

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