Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to the rebirths on Main Street, USA

My son Shane playing in the mud at four or five. He's now eleven...the magic number. Eleven is the illuminated portal out of childhood and into pre-teendom. Good time for me to revisit nesting with little ones, by teaching Prenatal Yoga and rebirthing my long held business, hOMnaturale (est. 2007) and my dharma/purpose/mission/career as a Yoga Teacher (professionally -loving- teaching since 2002) and my even longer held career, as a Natural Health Educator (since 1992). Now that my son is older, I am discovering how helping new moms lead healthy families, is a direction I am being called to serve. In helping  today's young families grow, I am helping build and sustain healthier communities and a happier planet into my son's and all of our children's future.  

Azaleas in Kingston, 2003 or 2004 
and now here it is...
I am super excited to be teaching Prenatal Yoga again, beginning Friday, May 9, with a pre-Mother's Day weekend open house sampler. Please check out owner, mother, yogi, Erin Sherman's new Mama Bird 'boutique' and yoga studio

My first official "PEAS in the POD" prenatal yoga class is SATURDAY MAY 17th, 10-11:15 PM

I'm charmed and honored to be a part of MamaBird's spring birth. Erin has created a stylish, solution rich,. compassionate asset to our southern Rhode Island community; unbeknownst to Erin, Mama Bird follows in the graceful path that Carina Schott of NonChalant Mom blazed when her unique and also very stylish boutique graced Main Street. ( NonChalant Mom continues to be accessible via Carina's great blog and website All you MamaBirds will love it!)

Interestingly, Carina's former NonChalant Mom location, west of Mama Birds on Main, has rebirthed as "The Well", LLC, another stunning business blossoming, The Well is above Dove n' Distaff and next door to Flower Thyme and The Alternative Food Cooperative, another happening business on Main bursting at the seams with whats currently in demand, healthy, organically grown and naturally prepared foods (many gluten-free, vegan and most if not all, NonGMO.  The Alternative Food Coop (Coop) is where I teach public classes (free  to Coop members) on organic, whole food wellness and green juicing and I am the organic and local produce manager.

"The Well", next door, is where I've been holding my private Nutrition, Yoga and Thai Massage sessions (Mondays and Wednesdays 3:00 - 5 pm, and Fridays 12-2 pm) The Well is also where I've been teaching yoga and meditation to the "At hOMe Retreaters" partaking in my friend Drew McCall Burke's SRV  ( GREEN JUICE CLEANSE, a two week program complete with   boxes of the Coop's Certified Organic fruits and vegetables for at hOMe juicing. The At hOMe Retreats, include wellness support and encouragement via Nutrition Education, Yoga, Meditation and Thai Massage sessions.

Indeed, many good things are budding forth on Main Street this spring, after the incredible winter we had it's nice to see what "comes up". We all witnessed within the depths of this winter, how the elements around us affect us, emotionally and physically, personally and interpersonally, and how our lives transform when we are forced to look (or stay) inside.

Cosmically, the grand cross of Uranus and Pluto with Mercury and Mars, is up in the sky has also brought forth the energy of deep interpersonal and personal transformation.
Let's hope we take the risk to grow from it.

Indeed, 2013-2020 has brought us full on into rapidly changing times, when wellness and caring about each other is more important than ever. Taking responsibility for our individual daily practices, thoughts, words and actions towards ourselves, our children, and each other is vital. I intend to help prepare the families who join us at Mama Bird, and at all of the Main Street establishments (from All That Matters to The Well) for a lifetime of wellness, by serving these high intentions.

May we all take the risk to bloom.
Happy Parenting to your newly rebooted self!

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