Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The SPANDA of SPRING - Universal Pulsations of Manifestation and Liberation

A FUNTASTIC SUNDAY WORKSHOP SERIES continues with a March 13th, Sunday Yoga Workshop 11:20-2 PM $25
@ RIVER BEND Athletic Club 401-789 - 9585 315 Columbia St., Peace Dale, RI

The Spanda of spring ~ Manifestation and Liberation (Planting arm balancing poses from Bakasana to handstand and twisting back again) with save hand and arm positioning that will sustain your freedom.)

Through the first to last OM we’ll practice being in tune with two natural currents in life, that of manifestation and liberation. One current draws in to its source - as in the density of a tulip bulb, and the other liberates into an unlimited source of creative energy- as in the dynamic blossom peaking with powerful fragrance and diversity.

Through the art of balanced action we’ll use the biomechanical principles of Muscular Energy (manifesting) and Organic Energy (liberating) in arm balancing poses such as Bakasana (crow pose); Astavakrasana (a twisted arm balance) and Adho Mukha Vrksasana (downward facing tree pose, aka handstand); we’ll also liberate our hips in Svarga Dvijasana (bird of paradise pose) and Urhdva Dhanurasana (downward facing bow pose). A light lunch of raw veggies & fruit, with a spring green salad (optionally to begin a 10-day cleanse) will be offered.

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