Saturday, February 5, 2011

CELEBRATE THE HEART: Open to the Grace Within and Throughout KICK YOUR BOOTS OFF YOGA Workshop #1

FEBRUARY 13th SUNDAY 11:20 AM -2:00 PM @ RIVER BEND ATHLETIC CLUB Columbia St. Peace Dale, RI $25

Open to the flow of grace that dwells within and throughout. Beginning with heart healthy sips of soup and tea, we'll share poetry, story and a peaceful meditation. Then we'll begin asana practice with lessons on optimal biomechanics for gentle to full-on backbends, twists and forward folds. Following principles that first help us to open to our full potential with a bright inner body that yields a soft, unrestraining heart and beginners mind, and then into a deep embrace of that fullness and light so that we can more directly flow from the heart with the current of our breath into an honest expression of all that we really love.

The workshop will follow my regular scheduled 1 hour Sunday 9:45 AM class. Gathering together at 11:20 in the River Bend Lounge with a light brunch, we'll then proceed to River Bend's spacious and sunny Yoga Studio for a 2.5 hour Funtastic Yoga Workshop, CELEBRATE THE HEART. River Bend Members have an opportunity to save when signing on for two or more workshops.

This first workshop's intention is to deepen participant's understanding of the method of yoga I am so passionately dedicated to, Anusara Yoga(tm). ANUSARA translates as "Opening to the Current of Grace". Through precise principles of alignment and heart centered themes the practice becomes a celebration of the heart - a celebration of opening to something bigger than ourselves.

One and half hours of the workshop will be asana practice with lesson specifics, demonstrations, and partner work, plus 20 minutes of guided pranayama and meditation. Chanting and Japa Mantra, the repetition of a word or phrase, will further us into the current of universal Grace and Supreme Consciousness, that which is in us, with us and all about us.

We have all been afflicted with wounds to the heart and spirit, and some of us have battled with heart disease, high blood pressure and/or other heart aliments. The side effects of this blissful practice will be a positively healing and peaceful spaciousness. Celebrating the heart is celebrating all that we love, and all that we do for and in the name of Love. It is celebrating the depths of our heart and the freedom that lies within that depth to make wise choices, where we listen to our inner teacher and take pause to reflect on what is important to us. May this workshop help you practice and celebrate that knowing.

MARCH 13th - THE SPANDA OF SPRING ~ Manifestation and Liberation 11:20 - 2:00 PM SUNDAY
Through the first to the last OM we'll practice being in tune with the two natural currents in life, that of manifestation and liberation. One current draws in from the universal to its source - as in the density of a tulip bulb, and the other liberates into an unlimited source of creative energy- as in the dynamic blossom peaking with powerful fragrance and diversity.

Through the art of balanced action we'll use the biomechanical principles of Muscular Energy (manifesting) and Organic Energy (liberating) in poses such as Urdva & Adho Muka Vrksasana (upward and downward facing tree pose); Svarga Dvijasana (bird of paradise pose) and Urdva Danurasana (upward facing bow pose, aka wheel pose). A light lunch of raw veggies and a spring green salad (optionally to begin a 10-day cleanse) will be offered.

APRIL 10th - LIVE IN THE SOUL & DANCE with SHRI ~ Remembering that "all we wish to be is already within us" we'll practice leading with the breath into the fullness of our potential, inwardly and outwardly spiraling in standing poses, arm balances and twists.

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