Saturday, September 4, 2010

TEJAS - Bring out your Inner Light -


I recently opened an email from a yoga studio I frequent when in the bay area, and this illuminating image and the sanskrit word TEJAS beamed out at me. This paragraph followed (from YOGA TREE in SF):

In Sanskrit the word tejas means inner light, luminosity, or essence of fire. If there's anything that brings out your inner light—that bright, shining spark that makes you who you are—it's a regular yoga practice. Each time you unroll your mat or sit for meditation, some of the things that shield your inner light—tension, fear, insecurity, etc.—slowly begin to chip away, so your inner light can shine a little more brightly.

This Sept 24th, one of the first full days of autumn, will mark the beginning of a special 6 week yoga series I am presenting at RIVER BEND Athletic Club in Peace Dale, RI (401-789-9585
The series, titled 40 DAYS of TEJASE will immerse new and on-going yoga students in the revelation of their own INNER BRIGHTNESS and POTENTIAL, both on and off the yoga mat.

My foremost intention is to offer a clear and concise introduction to, and deeper familiarization of the style of yoga I practice and am training to teach, Anusara Yoga(tm). This series will be recorded as a part of my teacher training and Anusara-Inspired(tm) teacher certification process. Anusara tm), like many systems of Yoga, progresses it's teachers and students sequentially, just as Anusara(tm) Yoga's Universal Principles of Alignment(tm) sequentially deepen all students' physical and energetic awareness and alignment in postures.

As a student of Anusara(tm) Yoga since 1997, I have great respect for the style and for all of my teachers, including John Friend, Anusara's founder. My hope is that through the art of asana and practice of pranayama and meditation, along with each weekend's dharma (purposeful philosophical discussion on yoga's relativity to our day to day life) we will all beam brighter, just as my teachers have taught and encouraged me through the years.

Each Friday afternoon will carry into the rest of the weekend and ensuing weeks, transforming all of our lives along with the autumn landscape. Attending my other Pilates and Yoga classes through the week can enrich the Immersion, but is not mandatory, and Private Yoga Sessions are always available with me upon request.

Through my twenty years of yoga study in several lineages, and almost ten years of teaching experience, it has been over the past four plus years of intense Anusara Yoga(tm) Teacher Training and self study that I have become convinced of the importance of knowing consistent, safe and effective alignment principles. Anusara Yoga(tm) offers an elegant and heart centered method of alignment which can help students help themselves in the prevention, and often healing of injuries, especially those caused from trauma, or from repetitive movements in yoga, work or play.

I am also empowered by how setting and returning to an Intention, on and off the mat, can transform "doing yoga" into "practicing yoga" as a lifestyle. Yoga reminds us to attune to our own divine goodness and inner wisdom, to come from our center. This is a practice which is always challenging, for life naturally flows with waves of highs and lows, times illuminated with remembrance and dark with forgetting.

This first FALL Yoga series, 40 days of TEJASE, offers a unit of six 90 minute classes, which attendees must commit to. The series fee of either $48 for River Bend members, or $72 non-members, is divided between RB and me, for the extended class time. EACH week we will work on progressing deeper into using the UPA (Universal Principles of Alignment(tm)) during standing and arm balancing poses, pigeon pose variations, backbends and handstands. Other seated and forward bends that are on Anusara Yoga's Syllabus I, may also be practiced, and each student's individual needs will always be addressed.

Some of the classes will be video taped for my Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Certification process. My teaching and your progressive practices will be recorded for my training purposes only, and will not be published. If you prefer not to be filmed that can be arranged.

Each class will begin with the recitation of Anusara Yoga's Invocation (a non-dogmatic, cool chant that aligns our intention with that of the greater good, the wise teacher and divine light -tejase-within and throughout.) Discussions on aspects of Anusara Yoga's Tantric (non-dualistic) Philosophy will take place in a non-judgemental atmosphere conducive to sharing.

I look forward to working more indeptly with many of my regular students, and with new individuals of all levels of physicality and yoga experience.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. My email is
I am available before or after my regular classes at River Bend: Saturday 9:45-11 am and Sunday 9:45-10:45 am, and Thursdays 8-9 am Pilates. Through the fall I will also be teaching yoga Wednesdays 8-9 am and Fridays 9:15-10:15 am.

I provide private yoga, pilates and Thai massage sessions on request; time slots are arranged through me as scheduled in conjunction with River Bend's avail space, or in the comforts of your home. My Rates are based on a sliding scale $60-$120, and private sessions are 60, 75 or 90 minutes long.

Begin where you are, begin now, begin again!

Namaste, and TEJASE~ I honor your light within.


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