Friday, July 17, 2009

JULY Yoga: Root Down to Rise Up

Tis' the season of growth; every garden is getting greener, every forest thicker, every child taller, and with this season's rainy days and most welcomed bright summer sun, there's inevitably a rash of spontaneous sprouting- stories filled with love and adventure, and rich memories that are the fruit of life.

With all the growth and ripening fruit we can sometimes forget that it is our roots that first connect us with our Source, and it is the integrity of our soil, a metaphor for our values, that helps create our dreams and the life we strive to fulfill.

How well we're nurtured, just as how well we nurture our own soil, is vitally important for the development of our integrity and garden of life. In "Rooting down" and then drawing up the earth's energy into our physical and energetic body, our heart and wisdom center receive the support of the earth and allow us to grow along with and into the flow of Universal intent. When we go against the Unviersal flow of energy toward happiness and bliss, we often are going against our own heart's wishes, but when we root down, and connect with our Source and our roots, we can rise up with integrity.

In our yoga practice, both on and off the mat, we must first consider our foundation; how we plant our feet or hands on the earth, and how we walk our talk. Our Dharmic path comes from a knowing that lies deep within and is nurtured by the soil of our upbringing. When we forget about our roots, or travel around in a mental and physical world that fails to plant roots, and set intentions, then there is a lack of directed creative force enriched by a foundation of values. When we have the confidence that our home is in our heart, and is endlessly supported by God's love, then we can fill it with purpose and values and within this nourishing environment plant seeds, then "root down and rise up" being the best we can be.

How will you know the
Difficulties of being human,
if you're always
Flying off to blue perfection?

Where will you plant your

We need Ground
To scrape and hoe,
not the sky of
unspecified desire.


Apex Asana: Vrksasana & Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Tree & Downward Facing Tree-handstand prep and practice)


sfauthor said...

Nice blog. Do you know about these yoga books?

hOMnaturale said...

Hi. Thanks for your comment and compliment. I checked out yogavidya's books and am glad you turned me on to their site for future resourcing. I have read many versions of both the Bagava Gita and the Yoga Sutras and am interested in the yogavidya versions of the texts.