Monday, September 8, 2008

Autumatic Change... tis the season to get it together

It's September 8th, the beginning of autumn and I am feeling the task master Virgo's influence. Astrologically Virgo helps us  "autumatically" change for the better. Virgo's influence helps us create order and to align us with the purest of our intentions, that of our soul path.  I've been trying to converge my life mission with all the changes, still in a chaotic state whirling about me like a hurricane blowing leaves. I'm feeling exhausted from all the recent changes and am still detoxing from a stressful summer. 

My son Shane started kindergarten last week, the day after we moved into our new rental home in the Green Hill Beach section of Matunuck in South Kingstown, RI. It's been the easiest move I've ever made, mainly because this is a winter rental with furniture and kitchen supplies already in place. So my move has been simplified. 
I've also recently connected with a yoga studio and teachers that I respect and look forward to teaching along side. I loved where I used to teach here in RI, but I am looking forward to working in a studio that is open to having childcare available for students.

I'd love to change my life by actually pursuing one of my life long dreams- to teach yoga and have less stress in my life and in my students' lives over trying to find childcare for our little ones during class time. I don't see any major changes approaching like a steady relationship that develops into a live in mate, or making enough money to hire a babysitter every time I want to teach or practice. But I do know that I can move forward toward all of this by doing what I love.

Afterall " Let the beauty you love be what you do, " as Rumi poetically shares, and yes "there are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth," as he continues.

I believe that when we help ourselves we also help others, and vice versa. We can also help the world by all doing what we love, and if we find a way to serve others on this path, then world peace may very well prevail. May we all go towards, and create the changes necessary to make this happen in our lives.

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