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Every spring Mother Nature tickles our tongue with wild bitter greens and colorful, fibrous berries. 
She uses her intelligence to align all life in a dance of cleansing and renewal. 

Naturally, our bodies and bellies churn the stored toxins in our organs, insinuating that it's time to lighten up, as if to say,  "I can't take anything heavy, starchy, sugary or rich anymore - 
Give me green, get me clean....I wanna be lean!" 

   We can listen within, and throughout, and follow Mother Nature's lead. We can eat lighter, cleaner foods; our plates can become 75% colorful vegetables, from the earth instead of a box. 
We can eat more raw, fibrous fruits, nuts, seeds and more sauerkraut, less bread, pastries and dairy. 
We can drink more water - perhaps even rest and refresh our organs with a week of green juices along with organic bone broth, which helps to clean our palettes and prepare our tissues and organs with the nutrients needed for cell renewal. 

Some of us will let spring pass, and will ignore her inklings, which is in fact ignoring our own in'nate' natural instincts. 
This is what has been making the human population so unGodly unhealthy. 
It's time to wake up and attune to nature, and it starts within. 

                           I work for Mother Nature, and I'd like to help you listen up & 
clean up the hOMe of your soul, inside and throughout. 

Here's the 3 part plan: 

1. LISTEN UP: begin a 10 to 20 minute meditation practice to truly begin to listen to your innate intelligence. Sitting in silence - it's free. Set a time, set the alarm and schedule it into your daily routine (I'll support your process with tips and guidance.)                                                                         Be patient and persistent. Practice makes permanent. 

2. CLEAN UP: first by ADDING what supports your body's natural desire to function for you, with efficient cleansing, fueling and repairing of cells. We'll work to support your healthy bacterial populations for immune, blood sugar and adrenal support. Foods that help you think clearly and cleanse daily, not just once or twice a year.  
By adding nourishing new foods into your morning, daytime and evening meals, you will never feel deprived while ELIMINATING any of the foods and habits that create the sluggish, achey, irritable you. We'll find out what foods fuel you best; how your digestion and elimination is and how your energy levels can optimize. 

3. BECOME SUSTAINABLY HEALTHY every day, in every way, one step at a time... I'll help you make this happen with food lists, healthy habit tips to ward off the mind telling you "it doesn't matter",  because it does matter. You matter. Food matters. Movement matters. Your unique passions, purpose and potential matters. From yoga and meditation, or regular movement and time in nature and with community... we'll begin. 

Begin where you are. Begin again. Begin Now. 

5-7 Day DeTox hOMe & Body: Nutrient Dense 

SpRiNg Cleanse & Wellness Immersion  RETREAT DATES ARE FLEXIBLE as we've opted to make them work within the time frames that best fit your schedule and needs. 

NOTE: Your individually designed cleanse is priced depending on the foods and sessions you choose to include in your immersive experience

  • 1 90-minute Thai massage- wellness session (held in your hOMe or at Sea Spa in Edgartown)
  • 1 yoga & meditation lesson every day, or opt for every other day (at hOMe, hotel, or Sea Spa Studio, or at Yoga Barn in Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard)
  • Nutrition discussions, food demos, kitchen prep & creation tips with hands on time (at hOMe or SeaSpa Studio in Vineyard Square Hotel)
  • Recipes, rituals & routines that work best with your unique body, mind and spirit (eBook format or printed out at extra cost)
  • Meal plans with foods that fuel you best, following 1:1 nutrition session we will modify plans to meet your needs and design accordingly. If you are a fast metabolizer and burn through food, then a week of green juices, and raw fruits &vegetables is not for you. No worry! Healthy fats and clean protein to sustain your muscle tissue and energy is a part of every day!
  • IF you have food addictions, from coffee to sugary treats, ice cream, breads or chips... No worry! I've got what-it-takes tips to break the habits and make you happy. 
  • IF you are on prescription meds and under a physician's care I am able to work with you and your practitioner to add what nutrients you may need that the drugs are robbing you of and will help to provide you with the lifestyle support your doctor may be prescribing that can indeed get to the ROOT OF YOUR CONDITIONS and transform you from a life long pattern of chronic illness and chronic prescriptive pill taking. 
  • IF you want to move out of SICK CARE and into HEALTH CARE, then I'll help you listen to the ultimate in life sustenance, your own innate wisdom and your own body, and using Mother Nature's Medicine Chest, I'll support your efforts to use "food and mood" as medicine.  

5 DAYS OF FOOD - $150 (9 green juice delivery/pickups) + $150 Super Foods purchased for you (delivered/picked up) includes all super foods on your list, plus Dry brush & coconut oil, unless already have. Extra cost for Bone Broth & Wild Pacific Salmon. Does not include frozen fruit.

  • Organic green juices made fresh for you daily (or) optionally you make at hOMe.
  • Shopping for you (or receive a list of foods to add into your specific healthy diet)
  • Super foods like fresh herbs, leafy veggies, micro-greens, fresh ginger, turmeric, fresh coconut and coconut oil, avocados, almonds, walnuts, cashews and seeds like chia, hemp and flax and sesame (you'll learn how to make their butters and milks too)
  • Smoothie staples like raw cacao powder, maca, goji and other local fresh berries and                low-glycemic fruit 
  • I'll teach you how to make fermented vegetables, bone broth and green juices and smoothies, deserts and entrees that leave you feeling delightfully satisfied, nourished and energized. 
  • Learn about the physiology of the body, and how it absolutely needs daily doses of fibrous, colorful vegetables and healthy fats and oils to function as it is meant to function, to sustain  healthy populations of beneficial bacteria on your skin, and throughout your GI tract, and to fuel your brain and every cell. 
  • Helping your body help itself and learning to and practicing listening within is the KEY to warding off the all to common chronic conditions that people are now accepting as normal. 
  • ADD, dementia, fatigue, headaches and mental and auto-immune syndromes are not normal. Learn how every one of us is different, and how your needs and sensitivities are unique to your own complex and varying life. Learn how to listen and transform your own inner guru to be the Mother Nature in you guiding you to optimal health and wellness

  • Receive food lists, meal plans & recipes to nourish your unique bio-individual Self
  • Receive 1:1 coaching in nutrition and lifestyle
  • Receive yoga, meditation  classes and refresher 1:1 sessions
  • Receive a 90 minute Thai massage in the comfort of your hOMe or in studio at Sea Spa Salon in Edgartown, MA on the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard.
Accommodations can be arranged in healthy hOMes and in the Vineyard Square Hotel in the heart of historic Edgartown.

hOMnaturale: yoga & natural family health
Rebecca J. Briggs, RYT, CN is a native Rhode Islander, with bi-coastal former residences from Vermont to Oregon, MA to CA and Rhode Island to New Mexico and Arizona. Her family is now living in the Northern California Redwoods "off the grid", and in New England, where her new and old roots tug tightly at her heart strings. 

Enchanted by the island of Martha's Vineyard, Rebecca moved here from Rhode Island in 2015, and teaches and coaches natural living at The Sea Spa Salon in historic downtown Edgartown, where she also practices Thai massage and teaches yoga and meditation classes and immersions. Rebecca also offers private instructor and health coaching, and teaches yoga throughout the island; this spring at Yoga Barn up island and at the Sea Spa's yoga studio, nestled in the Vineyard Square Hotel (formerly The Colonial Inn on the  corner of Water & Winter St.)

Rebecca has a BS in Elementary Education and is a Certified Nutritionist and Thai massage Practitioner and InterdisciplinaryVinyasa Yoga teacher, with over 30 years of living, teaching and researching natural health and food as medicine, as a natural product, holistic health and botanical medicine educator. 
A Thai trained massage therapist and yoga instructor since the early 1990s, Rebecca decided to became a Personal Health Coach after recognizing her wealth of personal experience and knowledge and via the guidance and mentorship of an extensive array of Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition Practitioners. 
"The time came when I recognized that stubborn New Englanders were finally realizing that industrial processed food and prescriptive meds and allopathic therapies were making them sicker and far from feeling as the Divine intended them to feel...  happy, healthy, productive and in tune with nature.  West Coasters and educated New Yorkers had it realized long ago, but New Englanders were tough - that's why I stayed on here, to truly do my life's work as a disciple of Nature."

Courageously overcoming a few medical diagnosis' and psychiatric labels as a symptomatic child and young adult, "the disease conditions" faded away once Rebecca said no to the "sickness care" prescription routine and yes to all natural and organic, whole food and regular daily yoga and meditation practices. All of which she has sustained as the backbone to her lifestyle since 1984, and all of which has kept her fit over fifty, and a devoted advocate, preacher and fighter for living in tune with Nature, getting the processed food and sugar out and no longer allowing men in white coats to attempt to overcome nature through manmade and petroleum based inventions, foods or medicines,  but instead patiently adopting the pace of nature, for as Rebecca has experienced, Her secret is Patience and her wisdom is golden.  Be silent and listen to what your gut, heart and whole being is telling you. 

The great, non-dualistic, all encompassing energies of Shiva & Shakti -the creative force and oneness of our existence.

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