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I recently came across this high performance guy, Brendon Burchard's  5 x 50 Minute Formula to increase productivity and energy

What I learned is that High Performance comes from adequate rest, reflection and balance in your life, not push, push, push, nor burning the candle at both ends, or burning the blue computer and iPhone light at both ends. 

Brendon works with very successful people and his method, especially if repeatedly practiced, has a proven track record. It's much like I teach in my hOMnaturale: Detox hOMe & Body Cleanse & Wellness Immersion  

Click Brendon's name above to watch his informative and inspirational video, or review his 5 x 50 Formula I rehashed at the bottom of this post. He shares these 5 common sense tactics articulately in the video and will really kick your butt to begin them asap. Hopefully you are not reading this in the middle of the night, or first thing in the morning... if so you'll have to start tomorrow! 

"Common sense is not always common practice." 

                                                                                               Brendon Burchard

Click on my hOMnaturale: Detox hOMe & Body link above if you are interested in working with me personally. We can email correspond regarding the how and when your 7 day transformative wellness reboot can occur this summer.

I'll hold your hand while you add key lifestyle practices into your life, from adding nutrient dense super foods, and organic smoothies, soups, snacks and green juices to your life, to giving you the daily regimes, recipes, meal plans, mudras, mantras and meditations to practice.  

hOMnaturale: Yoga & Natural Family Health

KEEP HEALTH AND WELLNESS IN PRACTICE with INFORMATION and INSPIRATION       via my hOMnaturale eNews, blog posts, social media or You Tube Videos

By the way, I'll be leaving beautiful, Southern RI for beautiful Martha's Vineyard, the second week of July, and spending a big chunk of my summer there while my son is visiting his father in also very beautiful Northern California. I should say "living with" his Papa, since the summer is often their one chance each year to live together and be themselves in real time. Being 3,000 miles a part is tough for them both, and sharing quality time getting to know one another isn't easy in a month. Loving one another through thick and thin is vital to any father and son relationship, as is experiencing other parts of the country and world. Shane loves CA and of course time with his dad. 

Shane and his Papa when Shane was six years old... almost seven years ago! I just love this photo.

 I hope and pray for my son to have a super safe and enjoyable journey and summer, and for me, my intention is to be in "high performance" productivity mode, taking full advantage of this time to write more blogs and eNews', and to work daily on my eBooks and programs. I'll be launching my new hOMnaturale website (which I've been saying for a year or more now) and creating more original content for the ever growing mass of people desiring an attunement with nature. 

We all want to know own true nature, and how to stay in continual connection with our "hOMnaturale", which is just another way of saying our natural hOMe within our own hearts and the great pulsing heart of the Universal Infinite intelligence that created our being ness. 

Sustaining a connection with our one mother- nature herself, the Shakti creative lifeforce within and throughout is knowing our soulful life purpose, as well as our gut - brain connection, and respecting the vast world of the micro-biome that makes us thrive or eats away at us, when we put junk in our bodies or live in disharmony with how nature intended and potentiates us to be organically. Attuning to nature aligns us with the many virtues of "food as medicine" and "of doing no harm" - harm, as by relying on prescriptive meds solely to seek health, or harm by repeating polluting thoughts, words or actions. 

Raising my heart centered entrepreneurship up many notches is my goal, as I continue to teach, coach and research natural health practices. And as my mission states, I will continue to help myself thrive while I strive to create more means for my son and I to live life to its fullest. Knowing what to do takes a lot of repetition in order to "make common sense, common practice". 

"Your vocation in life comes from where your greatest joy meets the world's greatest need." 
Frederick Buechner

I'll be teaching outdoor private and party yoga on the Vineyard, and offering my hOMnaturale programs for individuals and families. 

Wish me luck as I do my best to communicate/inform & inspire you at least once a week while I practice Brendon's 5 x 50 minute high performance habits. 

Do them with me, and we'll see how we produce and energize together. Please share your process.  

 I wish a productive, energized and mindfully balanced summer for all of you, so keep in touch!

Organic Broccoli Mircro-greens from 2 Friends Farm in Attleboro, MA (let me know if you want a shipment of these brain enhancing delicious greens) Broccoli sprouts or micro-greens are a vital part of my healthy living. Make them a part of yours. Google the benefits of these sulforaphane rich teenage vegetables. 


1.) 50 MINUTE POWER BLOCK 1: 50 minutes before bed NO SCREENS. That's a high performance habit - to rest brain before bed, and have lower light levels 50 minutes before sleep. 

2.) 50 MINUTE POWER BLOCK 2: stretch & strategize
First 20 minutes 
Get up and drink at least 8 oz of water (with lemon even better) and stretch (either before your work-out, or during your work-out) or have 20 minutes of sex and increase your feel good hormone, oxytocin, as well as natural cannabinoids. 
Next 30 minutes 
STRATEGIZE for your day
DO NOT CHECK YOUR IN BOX OR TEXT MESSAGES. (Proven productivity goes down 30% when check IN box first 30 minutes of day... Ouch!) This checks you IN to the world's agendas and checks you OUT of your own agenda. By NOT jumping on computer you will prevent being in REACTION MODE and instead launch yourself into CREATION MODE.
DO STRATEGIZE to CREATE forward action for Day:
Write one page strategy, split into 2 columns: 
Column 1 - Who do I need to reach out to today to get what I need 
Column 2 - What do I need to do to move my life forward  
When you are in the block of time checking EMAIL, SORT THE LIST FIRST by
LOOKING through IN BOX for who you are waiting to hear from - from first column. 

and make at least three 50 minute uninterrupted blocks of time for creative contribution work (no meetings, just do work and advance ideas, think, create uninterrupted)

This will renew you through out day. Constantly every 50 minutes reenergize yourself. 
EVERY 50 minutes Take a break (at least 5 x in day): Drink water, Walk around house, office... for @ ten minutes. It's proven that when you take a break every 50 minutes you are more productive. Set up for one block to be just EMAIL for instance, uninterrupted, no break till 50 minutes up. 

Break it up. DO 30 MINUTES OUTSIDE: take a walk in the middle of the day, or at the end of work day (before go into house after work...) and then at end of day try 20 minutes MEDITATION. 

DO 20 MINUTE RELEASE MEDITATION TECHNIQUE: repeat a word, like "release" for 20 minutes. 
"release" "release" "release" "release" "release" "release" 
Sit up straight, with erect spine. Observe thoughts, let them go and come back to word "release". 
This is a mantra (a mind tool). I like to chant sanskrit words that have vibrational resonance, but english words have vibration as well. "Release" is nice. Say it outward, then say it inward for 20 minutes. 

This ought to help you wind down at night and rest and restore. ALSO, rehydrate with water before bed, you won't get up in the middle of night because the body is so stressed due to lack of ability to flush toxins out of kidneys and liver (needs water, or it wakes up half way through cycle of cleansing)

Good night every body; now shut off your computer!!
" Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground." Rumi

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larry orson said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I am also thinking to adapt these healthy habits in order to stay fit and slim. I will also be finding some easy recipes for the Green energy drinks that I can make at home. If you have any recipes then please share!