Monday, January 19, 2015

A PATH APPEARS: walk the path of service

Hello friends of hOMnaturale, 

I'm sending this on the day we reflect on the intentions, words and actions of Martin Luther King Jr., whose legacy empowers us to move forward, no matter our circumstances. #MLK day. 

Today my son and I went to see SELMA at the movies. I'm so glad this was the film he chose to see amongst so many.  Sadly, even being MLK Day, the theater wasn't even half full for the 3:40 PM Mattinee (American Sniper was sold out - another powerful portrayal of a life stricken by violence).

Our intention was to reignite the spirit of Dr. King in our lives, and be inspired by his work towards change by peaceful not forceful means. What was most inspiring was seeing the compassion and empathy grow amongst all of the Americans who became aware of their fellow American's struggle with violence, prejudice and the stubborn lack of action towards resolution.

I have been a single mother for the entire twelve years of my son's life, and I am grateful for the support and love of our village of family and friends, whose examples guide us and lift us up as individuals and as a family.  Together we can create positive examples of moving forward, within and throughout our own lives, to bring peace and less struggle towards a more harmonious, healthy, and happy planetary existence.
Shane and I back in 2009 with Westerly's Wilcox Park in the background.  This community park helped us connect with each other and with nature on the weekends I had to bring him to work with me, visiting my SORI magazine accounts in southern RI.  Thank you community for creating parks!

All too often women and children do not have this kind of family and village support ... men too for that matter.  The overwhelm of circumstances beyond and even within our sabotage of control, make it hard for us to move forward alone, or to rise above what often brings us down.  Be it poverty, emotional pain or whatever problematic relationships we find ourselves in, no matter our circumstances, it is often our own mindsets that create this pattern of struggle, which is so hard to overcome especially when we do not have the encouragement and inspiration of others or of nature to help us move forward. 

We live in a global village and creating opportunities for our fellow human beings (in our own backyard or around the world!) is vital for a more just and peaceful world

As Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

ln light of all the things that have happened in the world recently, I'm more committed than ever to use the power we collectively have to create positive and lasting change.

One of my global village mentors is Marie Foleo, and her inspiring #MarieTV enlightens millions, especially women, to rise above what holds them back. Marie shares her own path and the path of her inspiring guests, and boy do they walk their talk!

Recently she shared the work of two film makers and social educators and activists. 

Their film airs on PBS on Monday Jan 26, one week from today. 

Please check it out.


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Saturday, Jan. 26th  at

Mama Bird 316 Main St. Wakefield, RI  

after my 9-10 AM "Pea in the Pod" 

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  2. Purchase & place in Mama Bird's 'First Book Gift Basket' 
  3. Rebecca (hOMnaturale) will gift the book to a homeless or foster child in our town, Wakefield, RI (via DHS's, SCCA's or PeaceDale Welcome House's recommendation.)               
  4. (or) Please donate to "The First Book Foundation" on line.

Every MOTHER counts! Every CHILD matters!      
We all want the chance to move our child forward. 

"One of the best and most powerful ways we can move forward is by always focusing on what we can give vs. what we can get. We must stand up for each other. We must take actions based in compassion. And we must do what we can to create the world we wish to live in. " 
Marie Foleo 



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