Sunday, June 9, 2013


Outdoor Yoga BEGINS TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 6:45 PM, following Rebecca's 
Yoga Tune Up Workshop held at River  Athletic Club, 5-6;30 PM  .
 Post workshop, we'll meet on bikes at Sari Sanctuary, set an intention for the evening ride & stretch out in asanas. Then off to the mystery local to build to our apex pose. 
Returning back to Sari Sancturary by 8 PM.  

TUESDAY YOGA TUNE UP:  June 11, 5-6:30 PM at River Bend A.C.  $8 Members/$15 non-members
Build a practice of progressively challenging bi-cep shaping, shoulder protecting. arm balancing asanas. 
*Learn the 5 Anusara Yoga Universal Principals of Alignment through demonstrations, assists and steadfast practice, and confidently go where you've never been before!! Learn how to mindfully prevent and work to heal previous shoulder injuries.  Acute conditions will not practice.

TUESDAY YOGA TUNE UP:  June 18, 5-6:30 PM at River Bend A.C. $8 / $15 both /$15 non-members 
   Build a practice of hip openers and thigh stretches to release tight hamstrings, quads and and hip flexors. 
*Learn the 5 Anusara Yoga Universal Principals of Alignment to balance, stabilize and optimize the use of your lower back, psoas and hips, all while mindfully keeping muscular/skeletel system aligned from head to toe, or rather toes to head, foundation to crown. Yoga therapeutics and progressive poses practiced.

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