Friday, April 22, 2011

Un Earth the Earth in you - Ground with Nature and Flow with the Pulsations of Life

"If we persist on this path of healing and growing.
We may find ourselves in a new set of conditions
where the patterns of opportunities correspond directly
to the pattern of our own nature."
JG Bennett

Use the early spring rains as an inspiration to cleanse your physical and emotional self and make room for a fresh flow of new opportunities.

This blog post and yoga practice highlights has sprung from a recent class I took with Anusara yoga teacher and graceful goddess, Virayoga founder, Elena Brower (as brought to me via the wonderful Yogaglo cyber-connected kula). Elena presented me with an opportunity to open up to what lays rich inside of me, in my silent space. I pass segments of her class on to you here in part, so that maybe you too can soar from the soil of your own incite and compassion.

During our lifetime many of us become attached to patterns of behavior, or to people and things that do not serve our greater purpose.

These attachments can be in the form of addictions to people, or to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee or even to the expectations we have of ourselves and others, or most commonly to our own negative thought patterns.

These addictions, or attachments, are not in line with our higher truths, and limit our choices in life, causing us to be emotionally off centered, fearful and reactive. When we respond to people or situations in this way, wether held internally or expressed externally, our anger gets harbored in the liver like toxic waste.

The liver and gall bladder are our primary chemical processing factories. The liver stores whatever toxins our body does not eliminate. The liver also manufactures and breaks down hormones; it holds vitamins, minerals and glycogen, which when working well eventually releases glucose (sugar) into the bloodstream to fuel our bodies, but when worn out or slowed down by toxins the liver can make us very ill.

A simple home yoga flow that begins with an intention to be more attentive and sensitive to our liver and gall bladder can help cleanse and restore these organs and open our lives up to possibilities more in line with our higher good. Begin by first greeting yourself by bowing your chin to your chest and by placing your left hand beneath your right rib cage to where the liver, the largest gland in our body sits at up to 4 pounds; we can then begin to inhale a big, grace-filled breath into the organ, letting the warm blanket of our hands rise with fullness.

Warm your body up with a few sun salutations, letting the simple and essential breath lead the way. Flow into a pigeon pose while hugging the front and back knees in toward each other lifting your organs up, creating space, and then root your tailbone down toward the earth to ground and settle into a seat of possibility, like a bird perched yet ready to fly.

Next flow into another round of sun salutations and then come sweetly down to your knees preparing for ustrasana (camel pose) with toes tucked under and heels hugging in. From this steady and strong foundation gently flow with the breath as you lift one arm up and over your head to the back of your thighs or heels, which will open up the liver and gall bladder channels. Proceed with the lifting of the other arm being steady and strong in the legs while you lengthen your spine and lift up from your heart. Keeping your thighs spirally in towards each other and back toward the wall behind you feel the spaciousness of the back body and tuck your tailbone toward the earth further grounding into a strong foundation while you lean into the support of the universe in the back body.

Follow in a soft peaceful acceptance of Self in a gentle forward fold in child pose; softening your heart to the floor as you keep your knees wide apart to keep the liver channel (along the inside of your legs) open and flowing. Rest your forhead on the earth and bring your hands into prayer pose (anjale mudra). Here rest and restore your organs and your mindset by melting between your shoulder blades and softening your brow toward your heart as opposed to scrunching it up toward the unnerving, chattering mind. Be open to grace, and of a newfound freedom from struggle.

"If we persist on this path of healing, we may find ourselves in a new set of conditions where the patterns of opportunities correspond directly to the pattern of our own nature." --- the flowing peaceful nature of being more sensitive to your organs and to the possibility of freeing yourself from the restricted choices that no longer serve you or those you love.

God bless your intentions, especially in this, the season of rebirth and renewal.


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