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KICK YOUR BOOTS OFF YOGA - Next Session: April 10th "Live in the Soul, and Dance with Shri!"

Big Thank YOU to my many dedicated students who made February and March's KICK YOUR BOOTS OFF YOGA workshops so much fun and full of shri!
PHOTO is of a SUNDAY morning Rebecca Yoga Class in the beautiful River Bend Athletic Club Yoga Studio, winter 2011.

I know it's not easy to give your Sunday afternoons to a few extra hours indoors when family is wanting us around and/or we're wanting family around, or we're just plain needing down time, so it is that I again thank those of you who were and are able to come out to free your toes by kicking your boots off and deepening your yoga practice (some even after practicing that morning with me). And for those of you who are curious we have the third workshop coming up on Sunday, April 10th, same time 11:20-2 pm.

Having a more intimate group and being able to first share tea, soup, salad and discussion is what I most enjoy(ed) about the sessions. Going deeper into Anusara Yoga's Universal Principles of Alignment(tm) with each pose, and working with partners at the wall and with props it is easy to see how the principles become more deeply understood with a full mind, body and spirit awareness, And with the unfolding of your graceful, 'inner body brightness' in each asana.

Anusara Yoga's Universal Principles of Alignement(tm)(UPA'S): Opening to grace, Muscular Energy, Inner and Outer Spiral and Organic Energy help us bring our poses to life! A fuller brightness from the inside out is an expression of your hearts and this is what I saw in each of you.

In the third KYBO yoga workshop we'll continue to work on our practice with meditation, pranayama and whole body awareness, with a special focus on Inner and Outer Spiral to refine are alignment. An alignment that safely and effectively can free up poor posture and brighten any shrinking self esteem. This practice with the UPA's can bring you places you've only dreamed to get to on and off the mat.

Bakasana, crow pose, if once seemingly difficult, can become your most exuberant pose. I've seen some of you express A steady upward and downward facing tree pose and full on, straight armed, and open hearted backbend after never feeling you'd get there. When you use the UPA's, and you feel the pride and joy of a full expression of your heart in the poses, your beams brighten the room. That's Anusara yoga.

This next workshop is called, "LIVE IN THE SOUL, and DANCE with SHRI!" I'm excited to talk more about cleansing the body and to introduce you to pressed wheat grass juice and more delicious spring greens to help bring out your true vital force.

Please take a look at the SHRI ME SPRING CLEANSE below to follow through the next few weeks or to perhaps review and bring questions to the table during the next KYBOYoga Workshop. Cleansing is best to do when the weather is in the 60s, your immunity is up and you can take the time to pause, reflect and release what both emotionally and physically you may be holding inside. Sometimes our work and family life is hard to manage when we are in the midst of an internal cleanse, so having the support of your yoga teacher can be key. Go lightly with yourself and don't fret if it's just not in the cards.

APRIL 10th - SHRI ME! Live in the Soul and Dance with Shri!

Remembering that ‘All we wish to be is already within us’ we’ll practice leading with the breath into the fullness of our potential, inwardly and outwardly spirally in hip openers & gentle to full back bends such as Dhanurasana (bow pose); Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (one legged king pigeon pose) and Natarajasana I & II (standing king dancer pose). A spring green salad, and fruit & nut snack will be offered to fill you with life’s vital energy, aka SHRI !

QUESTION: If anyone knows the name of this beautiful tree in Narragansett please let me know. ANd please feel free to comment below if you'd like. Namaste! Rebecca

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