Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Favorite Valentines. My Mom and Dad, Allie & Lou, in 1951.

When I look at this picture I feel lucky to be one of this lovely couple's (at the time imagined) children. In fact I was their unexpected tie breaker, their fifth child and third girl, born the last day of April in tumultuious 1963.
"The girls won!" my sisters cheered when they heard I wasn't a boy. After me my parents had two more children, my brother Michael and sister Jane.

When lovers see each other for the first time and dream deep into the excitement of sharing years together through sparkling eyes and beaming smiles, there felt is the current of cupids arrow searing into their hearts and lifting them into the wonderment of tomorrow with hope's halo surrounding them and love's bond uniting them- two hearts as one.

-just a little prose inspired by my mom and dad's love and the 60 Valentine's Days they shared, including this year, for love is held forever dear in the hearts of true Valentines.

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