Sunday, November 21, 2010

Final Goodbyes to a Father We Adored... Frederick A. 'Allie' Briggs, Dad (July 28, 1928 - Nov. 12, 2010)

We were all by our father's side as he surrendered his soul from the gifted physical form his parents' blessed him with over 82 years ago. My father, Allie, left this world after leading a full life, rich with joys and sorrows, and he left a legacy far beyond creating probably the world's greatest donuts. His legacy was his story, now a part of my story, and the thousands more he has touched.

My Dad fulfilled dreams that his God granted soul blessed him with creating. He steadfastly took opportunities when his spirit stirred and his good karma offered. He had a sharp and witty mind that had plenty of time for contemplation (farm work and cutting donuts is very meditative). He gave back when he could, first providing for his family, and then the youth of his community and New England; he had fun when it was rightfully deserved.

My eight year old son Shane looked up at the clouds the other day while we were driving to town, and began to chuckle, and then robustly laugh out loud... he saw Grampa up in heaven, playing catch with his Uncle Ricky; "Mom, Grampa's waving to me... Oh no, he lost his shoe! Now he's running along side the car"- (probably to tell me to "Be Careful"), and then with a surprise-- my son jumped back in his seat and with wide eyes, joyfully gasped, "Mom, Grampa just threw me the ball!!"

Sweet!! Thanks Dad, I love you so much! I'm so glad my son got a piece of you.

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