Monday, July 5, 2010

Open your Sails to the Winds of Grace

Shane and I have enjoyed some nice beach time. Here he is on Matunuck Beach with Block Island in the background. June and July in Rhode Island have been hot and sunny. But soon we're off to CA, and me to FL to take care of my father for four days.

We leave Friday, July 9th for San Francisco. Shane gets to be with his Dad for five weeks, and I'll get to visit Samantha and her new born baby boy, Kirtan, in Boulder Creek on Big Basin Vineyard, for a few days before flying to FL to take care of my Dad and relieve my sister Anne.

It will be nice to remember what it feels like to be a Californian again, if only for a brief time. The energy of the west coast is so full of Shri, It humbles my own energy with its majestic prowess and New Agey - in your face -spirituality; which I am drawn to, yet repelled by at the same time.

Shane is so looking forward to seeing his Papa and to being in the energy of MendoNoma county. His dad lives deep in the high redwood forest, northwest of the Dry Creek wine country, and twenty miles east of the Pacific Ocean.

As seen in this picture, the north Atlantic has a friendlier shoreline than the northern Pacific, both beautiful in their own magically natural way. In the distance is Block Island, and sailers catching the wind of Grace. I hope that through our week of travels- to CA, FL and back home to RI, we are in the flow of Grace, that our sails are open, and we are free from struggle and full of happiness and contentment.