Friday, May 7, 2010

M'aidez Art Show and Mother's Day Gratitude

I'm so grateful to be a mother and to enjoy parenting so much. Today I volunteered at my son's school and at the end of the day they had their monthly Recognition Assembly. Well I'm glad I was there, because apparently for seven months my son has sat through his fellow classmates getting recognized for various achievements, which although happy for them, he's shared was also upsetting, an obvious unsettling to his self esteem, wondering, " why not me?" Well after talking to him about goals he can achieve with a little more effort, he got that it just wasn't his time to be rewarded. But today he beamed, happy and proud to finally be recognized, and he was So glad I was there! His turn and smile towards me lit up the world.

Another day to be proud and pleased came with great weather on top of it. Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous, and after a Saturday morning receiving a 7 am produce order at the Alternative Food Coop, and teaching an 8 am yoga class, I returned to beautiful downtown Wakefield with my son to enjoy a stroll along the Saugatucket River Walk admiring many splendid works created by South Kingstown's elementary, middle and high school art students. Above are some shots, my first graders piece that was selected he self titled, "Symbol of Life". Kids got some depth. I love it. I love him.

I love being a proud mom and a mom that's needed for the tough times too, like teaching him to return the coins from the money counting cup in his classroom (he wanted to give it to me because he knew times were tough and I needed money- oops!). I explained how "Instant karma's gonna get ya", as John Lennon sings, if you don't return the change and rid yourself of the heavy feeling of doing something you shouldn't have done. Well, he lost his DS charger soon after, and he does think it's his dishonest action of taking the change, as well as his inefficient clean up of play space, that has made him pay a consequence of no DS game playing for a while. (Yeah!-it's limited and not good, I know.)

Discussing karma, honesty, efficiency and respect, as well as compassion and love for all beings, are great value gathering moments. Memories that are deep seeded lessons, reflecting my love and concern for him. These times are just as moving moments of motherhood as are occasions of pride and joy. I wish such moments and impressions to all- may you experience the gratitude that comes with pride, joy and nurturing others. Happy Mother's Day!

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