Monday, February 22, 2010

The Velvet Tree and Wild Iris

Two sweet cell phone calls and text photos sent to Shane and I on Valentine's Day truly made our day.

The Velvet Tree Papa sent to Shane... This lovely moss covered beauty is up the hill behind Greg's house in Annapolis, CA. We ooh and ah'd, and then Shane proudly remarked, "that's in my back yard!"

He's talking lots about his father and adventures he's had in California lately. His stays with his dad over the summer are vital for the bonding and love to hold fast in his little heart. He said today he'd like to hug his six year old friend, Joe, when he gets back there this summer. Sweet. He's always talking about hikes with daddy and Max, "the 19 year old German" who shared time with Shane and his dad last summer. That friendship was golden for Shane.

The Wild Iris on the Pacific Coast was sent to me by dear and lovely friend Darrah, while she retreated to a quiet spot on the Pacific for a moment of pause and prose. She's an incredible poet.

The photos bring more than just a pretty scene, they bring a feeling. From 1996-2001 I'd spend two weeks every month driving from San Francisco to Williams, OR, while visiting natural food stores as a rep for Herb Pharm. I'd take Rte. 101 and loop around to Rte. 5. So splendid were those years when I filled many journals and took hundreds of photos to someday reflect upon. It's nice to know Darrah has those same feelings. I always knew that coast would be a part of my life forever, actually ever since I drove up and down it with my xhusband Mike back in the summer of 1986, when Elk and it's rows of Eucalptus trees made a dream like impression on me.

"Wildflowers don't care where they grow", sings Dolly Parten, well these lucky blooms and trees must have good kharma, as do all those who spot their glory blowing in the sea spray or hidden in the forest.

It really does make a difference when you share your love with messages, cards, photos, phone calls and a good old fashion visit or summer together! Family and friends are the best part of living - nature fills the compassion and makes the love even greater.

Make a call, send a card, snap a picture and share a smile. It feels good for all.