Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winter 'Wonder'land: entering 2010 with gratitude, forgiveness and the practice of transformation

“Authentic consciousness... settles into a glance that sees only a radiant infinity in the heart of all souls and breathes into its lungs only the atmosphere of an eternity too simple to believe." Ken Wilber, from Integral Spirituality, Translation and Transformation

With that quote in mind, why sweat the small things? Forgive, accept, set intentions and move-on. Go with the flow of Supreme Consciousness (God's grace) and live with an "authentic consciousness"; breath into your lungs a more simpler, radiant space full of heart and soul energy, right? Oh, if it were all so easy. That's why practicing these intentions with a yoga and meditation practice are so important, so we can remember... the infinity of our soul. This life, this new year, it's all a soul's ride through stardust and moonbeams.

This year I do need to both heal and let go, restore and dream big. First off I am grateful for my family and friends, for love felt and yet to be felt, for graceful snowfalls that slow into stillness, and help us to reflect and accept what comes in the middle of our dark nights or grey days, and I am grateful for a little boy's snowball that hits me smack in the neck! Gotta love the snow with a seven year old!!

I am smiing with the hopefullness and lightheartedness of forgiving myself and others, and with a freedom that is rooted in being true to my ever blooming heart- presently a bit pained, yet ready to give and receive again to my dreams and to others. I hope to be of more service to this world in the decade that comes, and to transform with my practice of yoga and meditation.

Whatever your religion, or practice, may it lead you into a transformative awarenesses that fills you with gratitude, forgiveness, peace and serenity. Through our prayers and series of practices, sadhana or satsang, shikan-taza or yoga, we can translate and transform our spiritual selves. Through being one with community our hearts will never be alone.

The great masters —Padmasambhava, to St. Teresa of Avila, to Gautama Buddha, to Lady Tsogyal, to Emerson, Eckhart, Maimonides, Shankara, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Bodhidharma, Garab Dorje, have always the same message: let this consciousness be in you that is in me.

Happy New Year and onward to infinity! In God's name, Amen.

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