Sunday, November 1, 2009

Now it's November - thanks for the hour!!

Okay, I went the whole month of October, which was full of stories, without writing one single blog.
What's that about?? Too busy, and too tired, really? Really. Well, today I got that extra hour so I have no excuse. Besides writing, I pulled over and took a walk on the wild side today, along my hometown's fabulous bike path. What did you do with your extra hour?

I had a GREAT OCTOBER and feel very inspired to keep striving for happiness. Ever since I quit the job that just wasn't right for me (June 30), I've been riding a better wave. The sun has since moved through Leo, Virgo, Libra and is now in intense Scorpio, I think I've come full circle with firey Sagittarius right around the corner. I'm intensifying my new placement in this lifetime with a deeper devotion to whom and what I love, and with immense gratitude. It's so nice and healthy to be able to lead my life with complete integrity.

If you're feeling dis-eased, reacces where you work, who you work with, and who you work for, and if you're not working at all right now, start volunteering in a field you love, or with people you can relate to. Helping others will lead you to being helped; being of service relieves depression and isolation.

Letting go of what you no longer need, or releasing what is not working for you, is being true to yourself. Give the job you hate to someone who will love it and flourish. I've learned that being financially in a hole for a season or two is worth the chance to plant new seeds and bloom anew. Make room for what you WANT to do, and do it. Your needs will be fulfilled in time, and abundance may even follow. Stay in the dream with a great big picture. Create the life you want and get the support from the UNIVERSE by being true to your heart.

I am finally doing ONLY what I love, advocating, supporting and teaching what I believe in. Living a lifestyle of health and sustainability are key to my being well in spirit, as well as in body and mind. I'm teaching yoga and Pilates at two locations that both support motherhood - with onsite childcare- and I am working and volunteering at my community's Alternative Food Coop and at my son's school. It's great being back in the natural foods/products industry, and it's wonderful being back in schools. I taught elementary school for seven years, and in the natural health field for seven as well, so indeed I've come full circle.

My intention for November is to continue to strive to be happy, healthy and giving and to deepen my connection to others and to helping others heal. I am truly Thankful for where my arduous journey has taken me. Where has your journey since summer taken you, and are you grateful for the lessons you've learned and the fruit you're now harvesting?

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