Monday, September 21, 2009

Humming Children - and the freedom to play, dream, and rest

Where friends meet friends,
we smile.

Where rain meets earth,
we splash.

Where music meets hearts,
we sing.

Where song meets soul,
we dance.

Where years meet story,
we see.

Where moonlight meets path,
we walk.

Where darkness meets light,
we dream.

We dream.

Rachel Isadora, from the children's book, Caribbean Dream

All over the world children hum as they walk to school, chew a snack, or color a rainbow sky. Their head thoughts are heart songs that sing their soul into the moment, sweeping their imaginations into play, or stilling their busy beats into a melodic daydream.

When you find a picture book with prose and images that capture the laze and daze of being carefree, don't you just want to stay awhile? Sharing someone else's story makes us all one and the same; we all want the peace to be sustaining.

Children's book author, Rachel Isadora, connects every child whether from South Africa, Haiti or America, to the universal rhythms of calm, and brings the differences we have, as to how we eat and sleep, work and play, into a place of understanding and relativity.

One of the most sustainable things you can do is check out library books. One of the most precious things you can spend your time doing is reading the books with your child. One of the most mind expanding and heart felt things you can do is read about families from around the world and how they sing, dance, laugh and play.

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