Sunday, June 7, 2009

Inspired by the Aperion Institutes Sustainability Fest

A few weekends ago my son and I went to the Aperion Sustainable Living Festival in Coventry, RI. I worked back stage on both afternoons and enjoyed the music entirely, especially the Providence trio, The Low Anthem; you must download at least their song Charlie Darwin. The Low Anthem is both earthy and airy, deep but laid back, and all three muscians are very accomplished and uniquely creative, from clarinet to cell phone solos, they're a must see live mellow, mind blowing sensation.

What I got most out of the Festival though, is my intensified aspiration toward further pursuing a career in LOHAS, most especially sustainable building, along with ecology and natural health education. I want to advocate "Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability" by teaching yoga and natural living alternatives; traveling around sharing the needed information, closing the contracts on green actions, and aligning green entrepreneurs with individuals, schools and businesses needing their products and services.

I made some great contacts, Dave Eger from Boston, Katrina Lutz from People's Power and Light, and all the nice folks at Aperion, plus so many more, like the good folks at Asteris and Clean Energy Builders; all well educated and experienced in building, renovating and maintaining a sustainable planet. I need to direct my life's resume of inspiration and experience and try to be of service to this burgeoning path by helping direct it's flow toward action now. I want to be a part of moving the whole world forward towards social and environmental sustainability one act at a time. I want to be a part of this and can only listen to my truth and start the pursuit to fulfill my dharma wholeheartedly, and "let the beauty I love, be what I do" - I love this planet and the natural paths to make it last and be most at peace and in concert with nature.

Today my horoscope reads:
"Allow your optimistic attitude to envision successful outcomes. Even if you are experiencing doubts, give yourself permission to dream big. This will help you stretch beyond what you had believed was possible. Your energy and purpose could allow you to break through barriers today that you had previously been unable to move through. "

Good thing because my son's father and I are booking flights for Shane and I to fly out to California shortly after the last week of Shane's school year - via the help of his family (Thank you, Thank you!) I'm not sure if we are moving out on the 20th or 26th, but either way I need to get my things into storage or into the new house that I hope to rent as a year round. I'll need to rent it out while in CA and come up with $1,700 by July 1rst or 15th. I think I can, I think I can. Or am I, we, going to be staying... living with Brien?

I will spend a week out in CA getting Shane settled in and checking out the area and community in which his father lives and who hopefully meeting some of the people Shane will be spending time with. If SORI has their ducks in a row I'll stay more than a week; if not I'll be back and honestly either way is fine with me. Ideally, I would like to work for SO through mid July (selling into August and then fly out west again to Denver for the Wanderlust yoga and music conference if I can afford to. But trying to make ends meet is hard enough as it is, but I do need to have money saved for the my time in CA in August and for his birthday, and our return after August 17th. I'll have only two weeks before school starts again before I go full on teaching yoga and pushing my company, hOMnaturale: yoga, thai massage, natural home and family health.

Wish me luck... with energy and purpose I'll break on through!!

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