Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chanting with Krishna Das and Friends

What a wonderful night last Friday, the 6th of February, was. Greeted by friends with abundant smiles, sincere hugs and mutual anticipation for the love that was about to flow even more abundantly all around us, I was one of the fortunate beings that gathered for Krishna Das' soulful repetitive prayers. A churchful of yogis and nonyogis alike we chanted our souls out in a gleeful and peaceful meditative choir of praise, love, hope and gratitude; a kirtan couldn't have been more timely for me and apparently for all of us.

Thank you Kyle for the lovely gift - your friendship rocks! Thank you Joanie for re-inspiring me with the mirror of a yogis beauty and joy when teaching wholeheartedly, and thank you Sarah for watching my son Shane and for being the most precious friend and most graceful teacher I have in my midst.

And oh how I look forward to sharing quality Anusara yoga time with Johanna and Niki!

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