Saturday, May 10, 2008

hOMnaturale...a walk in the budding woods

Mother's Day weekend '08 -  finding silence, reclaiming wisdom... taking a walk to listen

My five year old little boy Shane just gave me a lovely mom's day gift made at his old sneaker repurposed as a flower pot with a blossoming fuchsia; wrapped in a hand designed reusable canvas bag... it is the perfect gift... great job teachers and Shane's so proud of it.

Shane and I returned to my native Rhode Island in February of this year, after living six months in California, nearer to where his father lived in the Santa Cruz mountains. Shane (named after the rouge and regal cowboy in the b&w film) loves the west- it's our classroom to the world filled with open minded friends (eco-conscious yogis and dinosaur diggers alike) with a grand appreciation for what we feel innately connected to- lifestyles of health and sustainability. 

We also love Rhode Island with its smooth beaches and large leafed maple trees- the deer tick returns as our nemesis, where as mountain sickness and aerial spraying (to kill the light brown apple moth) were the cons to living in CA. We returned to Rhode Island in February, after living 6 months near where his father lived in the Santa Cruz mountains.  We sold our RI home after a year on the market and it was California here we come... until that dream unraveled.

 Papa actually just called, now living further north in Sonoma County, some 3,000 miles away- Shane, even with his Saturday morning cartoons off, was not interested in talking. His father understood, but that meant talking to me for a bit... and inevitably we argued. Hmmm.... more OM needed to unify this broken home. 

Shane and I are going to take a walk now... I need silence or the sounds of nature to reconnect me with my feminine side... my nurturing mother side...

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