Monday, January 6, 2014

The FLOW of HAPPINESS is LOVING and HONORING who YOU are, What YOU love and what makes YOU happy

Two years ago an Intuitive friend said I'd meet a man in the following summer, someone totally new to me. Sure enough by July 4th of 2013 I was falling in love with a man from Maine. 

In December of that year I received more sage advice from her; she said, "Don't try so hard Rebecca. Your life is flowing right along; good things are happening. Enjoy them and go with the flow; continue doing what you are doing and watch as your life falls into place." 
The "place" she spoke of I now recognize as the "placement" of my dreams in the big picture of my life.
The man from out of town was indeed a totally welcome, fresh being who walked into my life while I was simply doing what I love to do (setting up a display of locally grown, organic vegetables in my communities' natural foods cooperative.) Unknowingly, I was in the flow of Supreme Consciousness, the flow of universal potential towards happiness and bliss. God had blessed me. 

I see that moment in the otherwise predictably, hard-working, yet deeply transformative year, as a magical occurrence (he's an organic farmer and was looking at The Co-op's bulletin board for a place to live, and I have always wanted to love a sensual,  intellectual nature boy.) Perhaps it was our good (and patient) karma, that transformed  our luck in love, for it took no effort, no (no offense to internet connections made) and no last call at a bar, for our paths to cross. We were simply walking the paths of our lives when I found the farmer I've always innately desired (my father and grandfather were both farmers) and he found the welcoming, loving new hOMe he was looking for. It took a few weeks before the relationship sparked, rooted and grew, but it was a telling start.

 That's a great promise, but really what makes you happy is honoring yourself. That puts you in the flow of Universal happiness and pure potential for more creative bliss. 

No one person, or career  "makes us happy", but honoring ourselves does. Honoring what we like, and what is good for us makes us happy. Listening to our intuition, which is deeply "in-to-it" (it being the heart) is the true, inner-happiness that we hear of in self-help audios and in yoga class. It isn't so much that a person "makes us happy", but rather it's being happy with ourselves when we are with a person- do we like ourselves, love ourselves when with that person, or when doing that job? That Self-love is true  happiness.

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