Thursday, May 4, 2017

EATING to EASE STRESS & DIS-EASE (in a complicated world)

NATURE WARNS US from within via inflammation and dis-ease responses
NATURE ALSO GIVES US WHAT WE NEED to feed, fuel and optimize our bodies and minds

LEARN MORE in classes I'll be teaching at NOT YOUR SUGAR MAMAS
in beautiful Martha's Vineyard.

TUESDAY: May 9th & TUESDAY May 16th
5:30-7:30 PM
$40/night (sign up for both nights $75)
A healthy vegan, low-glycemic, gluten-free meal included


Life isn't easy, yet we know this journey is a great opportunity to explore and grow with experience. Life can be easier if we complicate it less by living a life more in tune with nature, and the natural vibration of LOVE. 
By listening to nature (your own inner wisdom) you can learn what foods fuel you best. 
We'll discuss gut health and the emotions that align with certain gut types, and we'll eat and discover the anti-inflammatory effects of certain natural foods and how your body functions on them to bring ease back into your body, mind and spirit. 

You'll learn what stresses you, and what eases you.  

STRESS - in the form of hard to digest foods, self-sabotaging thoughts and mis-takes in your diet, environment and lifestyle

STRESS causes emotional and bodily signs of WARNING, an inflamed belly, brain and body in the form of a yeasty bloat, a pinching headache, a constipated colon, a restless sleep, anxiety, depression, irrational behavior, reactivity instead of response- ability. 

INFLAMMATION of gut and brain is an ALERT 
antibodies shoot at antigens, or what the gut bacteria and immune cells along your gut lining thinks is an antigen (a foreign, unnatural, undigestable substance/energy that confuses, clogs or disrupts the natural flow, function or form-ation of your physical and mental presence)

Life as we instinctually know it- can be easier though then we may think. It's just complicated now because of the world around us. 

We may think we need to meditate more... take more yoga classes... read yet another self-help blog or watch yet another Eye-opening inspirational film or TedX talk to help get us outside the box of our stimulating lives, and yes we may need just that to open up into the world of spacious awareness that is always inside if we just retreat inward.  

I tell my health clients, health is easier to attain than you think, you just have to attune to nature. Listen to the natural world, within and throughout. The gurgle of your stomach with the whiff of basil and garlic or cinnamon and vanilla tells you your body is ready to eat and be nourished, refueled so to grow or repair; the scent of a rose brings you back to your mother's nurturing arms and reminds you to call her or give someone a hug which you know will make you feel loved and loving... the action side of that great word, LOVE. We get messages all day to rest, drink water, take a walk, but do we follow the birds song out into the sun, or do we pour ourselves a glass of water or take a nap? 

Those are your direct messages, your road map full of sensual, intuitive rememberances for you to follow on this journey, called life. 

 have so many confusing messages which draw us into a world that isn't so instinctual, it's interesting, it's maybe easier, but it confuses our senses and our body's innate wisdom to nurture and grow, procreate and sustain ever lasting spiritual bliss. 

And contrary to what people say, there is a blueprint to follow, a path... it's within each and every one of us, it's our innate wisdom, our soul's desires, our natural instinctual connection with the direction of life towards happiness and bliss, dream fulfillment and health as nature and the supreme intelligence, aka GOD, or the ONE has held space for us to manifest. 

To "seize the day”—means “act now,” “there’s no time like the present.”
It has to do not with ceasing, but with acting. 
Act on your intuition, the signs from your body (the natural world within you- including your very communicative micro-biota) and Act on the responses from the world around you. Here lies the Direction the creative force of nature and supreme intelligence gives you. Take these signs (a cold sore, baggy eyes, bloating and fatigue... as a course of direction and shift your lifestyle for new instructions on how to read your DNA coding more healthfully.

As much as we tell ourselves 'we need to eat better, exercise and get out from behind our screens and into the natural world more', we often get side stepped from the path of our innate wisdom. Learn what foods get you back on track, learn what practices keep you on the track and learn how to listen to your own unique physical and spiritual guides by attuning to the natural world within and throughout. Get off the processed lab food, get out into the sunlight, get your hands dirty with soil, take a long bath and a deep sleep in complete darkness... and listen to what your body tells you now... LIVE out your  dreams, NOW.

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